Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 18 Yin Family’s Gongzi, Part 2

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He turned to Zheng daren. “I know a Doctor Yan in Pengcheng. His medical skills are very good. Why don’t I invite him to take a look at ZhongWen?!”

Zheng daren waved his hand. “There’s no need. Doctor Yan was already here a few days ago. He said he can’t treat Shizi’s injury. There’s nothing he could do!”

Yin Yixuan was startled. Even Doctor Yan couldn’t treat it? How serious was ZhongWen’s injury? He was unconscious for three days. How could it not be serious?

“Does the Duke know about this?” Yin Yixuan asked Sangui.

Sangui replied, “The letter will be there in two days!”

Yin Yixuan nodded. “Once the Duke receives the letter, he would bring imperial physicians over. It will be fine with an imperial physician here.”

Zheng daren thought to himself, ‘It will be fine with an imperial physician? That’s not necessarily true. Imperial physicians are not omnipotent!’

To sum it up, Yin Yixuan was not assured to leave Zheng ZhongWen for Qi Xiaojie to treat. It was the same thought as the Zhengs previously. But it was different now. They witnessed Qi Xiaojie’s medical skills. They were very reassured.

A light knock came on the closed door. A yatou said, “Laoye, furen, Qi Xiaojie is here.”

Zheng daren hurriedly said, “Quickly invite her in!”

The door opened and Qi RongYue walked slowly inside wearing a satin coat. The snow-white fox fur brightened her skin. Her beautiful clear eyes were indifferent and seemed to be melancholic.

She was indeed a xiaojie with a special temperament. She seemed to be different from xiaojies in the boudoir. There was no young girl’s delicateness and bashfulness when seeing strange men.


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