Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 18 Yin Family’s Gongzi, Part 1

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Zheng furen sighed, “Let’s hope that ZhongWen gets better before they’re here. The Duke and furen would be less worried.”

The butler hurried in. “Laoye, Yin family’s gongzi is here!”

Zheng daren nodded. “Invite him in!” The butler left and Zheng daren turned to his furen and said, “Yin Da gongzi and ZhongWen are classmates. He also came from Jingdu to Pengcheng. He must have heard the news and came to visit!”

The Yin family was a noble and famous family. It made sense for the two people to become friends.

Soon, a handsome young man wearing a cotton robe with light silver jacquard embroidery of gold bamboo walked in the room. He slightly curtsied to Zheng daren and furen. He immediately saw the unconscious Zheng ZhongWen lying on the bed. He went forwards to check out the situation.

“This… what is this? What happened?”

Sangui seeing Yin Yixuan was like seeing his relatives from Jingdu. He immediately wiped his tears and explained the situation.

Yin Yixuan frowned and shook his head. He sighed, “ZhongWen is the same as before. He takes risks in everything. How can a wild horse be easily tamed?”

Sangui wiped his tears and smiled. “It’s good now. Qi Xiaojie’s medical skills are very high. She can certainly cure Shizi.”

“Qi Xiaojie?” Yin Yixuan slightly frowned. He looked askance at Sangui.

Sangui hurried said, “It’s Xuzhou magistrate Qi daren’s daughter. I didn’t think a well-bred xiaojie in the boudoir would be a skilled doctor. Qi Xiaojie just performed acupuncture on Shizi and his fever receded a bit. Her medical skills are much better than those quacks in the city.”

Yin Yixuan was very suspicious of this Qi Xiaojie’s medical skills. It wasn’t that he had never heard of female doctors, but female doctors usually treated females. Could such a serious injury be left to a well-bred xiaojie to treat?


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