Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 178 Save Him Part 2

She pushed away the servant who went to intercept her and directly rushed into the room. The old furen was talking to Zhao mama about the situation in Hao Ju. Qi Chenghao was her biological grandson after all. No matter what, he was a child whom she had doted on and watched grew up. She was anxious now that he was seriously ill. She was just afraid that she would become ill if she went to Hao Ju, so she had sent servants to inquire.

The old furen was shocked when she saw Nee Liang rush in crazily. Did something happen to Qi Chenghao?

Nee Liang knelt down in front of the old furen and cried out, “Mother, please save Chenghao. Chenghao is going to die!”

The old furen was anxious. “Hurry, hurry, hurry. Get up and talk!”

Zhao mama went to support Nee Liang up. Nee Liang refused to get up. “Mother, if you don’t agree, I will kneel here forever.”

The old furen said, “He was fine just two days ago. Why is he suddenly dying now? Is it be a mistake?”

Nee Liang thought of her son’s gossamer white face. How could there be a mistake? She cried and shook her head. “Mother, Chenghao is really dying. Please save him!”

The old furen looked awkward. Even the doctors couldn’t do anything, so what could an old woman like her do?

Nee Liang wiped the tears off her face and choked out, “Doctor Xu said yesterday that only Qi RongYue can save Chenghao. Only her.”

The old furen was shocked. “What did you say? She – She didn’t fall off a cliff?”

Nee Liang quickly said, “No, she’s not dead. She came back alive. She’s in Rongyu Hall right now. The heavens must not want Chenghao to die. That’s why she can come back alive. She came back alive because of our Chenghao!”


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