Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 178 Save Him Part 1

Nee Liang looked at Qi YongChun. Qi YongChun stared at her. He said darkly, “She is not a part of our Qi family. Our Qi family will not ask her.”

Nee Liang only wanted to save her son, so how could she care about anything else? She cried, “Laoye, what’s the situation now? What’s the use of saving this kind of face? Saving Chenghao is the most important!”

Doctor Xu also advised, “Yes, daren. A life is at stake. Whatever hatred and resentment should be set aside. Saving a life is more important!”

Qi YongChun was not Xu Pingzhi or a woman like Nee Liang. He thought things deeper and further. He would rather give up this son than go to Rongyu Hall to bow to Qi RongYue. It was absolutely impossible.

“You don’t have to say anything else. Treat him. You will be rewarded if he’s cured. If you can’t, this official will not punish you!” Qi YongChun turned and left Hao Ju. Nee Liang collapsed to the ground and wailed.

Qi YongChun was in the prime of his life. If he didn’t have this son, he could have other sons in the future. But Nee Liang was different. Her body was damaged when she gave birth to Qi Chenghao. The doctor had said that she could never have children again. This son was her lifeblood. If he was gone, her position in this house in the future could only be imagined.

With Qi YongChun’s order, the doctors were bolder when they prescribed medicine. Unfortunately, they had missed the best time for treatment. The medicines had no effect.

On the next day, the doctors didn’t dare to prescribe medicine anymore. The child’s breathing grew weaker and weaker. He had no reaction even when they performed acupuncture on him.

Doctor Xu said to the sitting Nee Liang, “Furen, the little gongzi’s situation is very critical. If you don’t send him to Rongyu Hall soon, I’m afraid he won’t make it.”

Nee Liang shook. Her dazed mind quickly sobered. She quickly rushed out of Hao Ju and went to Fushou Ju where the old furen lived.


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