Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 177 Incompetent Part 2

The other doctors also picked up their medicine chests and started to leave.

Qi YongChun was furious. He immediately ordered servants to shut the door and roared, “No one is allowed to leave. If you can’t cure my son, you’re not walking out this door today.”

An old doctor said, “Daren, it’s not that we don’t want to cure your little son, but our medical skills are inferior. We are powerless!”

Qi YongChun angrily said, “Powerless? Don’t you all normally call yourselves famous doctors? Why are you powerless at such a critical time right now?”

The doctors turned red. They usually boasted to obtain more people’s trust to get more business. But who dared to boast in front of Prefectural Magistrate Qi?

Doctor Xu walked out from the group of doctors and bowed towards Qi YongChun and Nee Liang, “Daren, Furen, only Rongyu Hall’s Qi Xiaojie can save your son now.”

Nee Liang’s heart turned cold. “But she’s already dead. Do you mean that my son can’t be saved?”

Doctor Xu said, “Who said that Qi Xiaojie is dead? Qi Xiaojie has returned. She’s in Rongyu Hall right now. I just saw her this morning.”

Qi YongChun and Nee Liang looked at each other. Qi RongYue wasn’t dead? She came back?

“You – Are you telling the truth?” Nee Liang was pale as she stared at Doctor Xu.

Doctor Xu nodded. “It’s true.” He was puzzled. Although Qi RongYue was kicked out the house, she was ultimately a daughter from the Qi family. Why didn’t this couple looked happy at all now that she was back?

Instead, they looked panicked?


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