Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 177 Incompetent Part 1

Hence, now that Qi YongChun wanted them to make a guarantee, they naturally couldn’t say anything.

Qi YongChun looked at how the group of doctors didn’t say anything and angrily said, “Are you all mutes? Weren’t you all just talking earlier?”

He pointed to an old gray-haired doctor. “You say it!”

The old doctor’s beard trembled. He said helplessly, “Daren, it’s not that this old man refuses to say it, but this old man really cannot guarantee anything. This old man can only give it a try.”

Several other doctors also nodded and echoed, “Yes, yes. We can only give it a try.”

At this time, Qi Chenghao started to vomit again. He couldn’t vomit anything more, so he was constantly retching white foamy acid. His little face was covered in pain.

Nee Liang was distressed and scared. She quickly said to Qi YongChun, “Laoye, don’t talk so much. It’s more important to save him!”

Qi YongChun was also anxious. He quickly said, “Hurry and prescribe medicine.”

The doctors received Qi YongChun’s order and immediately gathered on one side to discuss the prescription. This time, they didn’t argue and soon agreed on a prescription. Qi YongChun didn’t even look at it. He couldn’t understand it anyway, so he directly sent people to gather the medicinal herbs.

After the medicine entered his stomach, Qi Chenghao’s complexion looked a little better. It seemed to be not as ugly as before. Qi YongChun and Nee Liang were about to relax and reward these doctors when Qi Chenghao suddenly convulsed. His whole body spasmed. He constantly spat out white foam. The situation was very critical.

The group of doctors panicked. They didn’t dare to act rashly. They could only massage some acupuncture points to help him relieve the spasms.

A doctor suddenly picked up his medicine chest to leave. He anxiously said, “This old man is incompetent. Please seek a more superior doctor, daren.”


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