Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 17 70% Certainty, Part 2

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“70%. I have 70% certainty!” She faintly answered, as if talking about a matter of no importance.

Zheng daren nodded. 70% was good. It was better than the doctors from the city who only knew to shake their heads.

“Someone, take Qi xiaojie to the guest room. Serve her well!” Zheng daren ordered the yatou behind him.

Two yatous dressed in green immediately came in and led Qi RongYue and Xue’er out.

After they left, Zheng daren went over to Zheng ZhongWen’s bed. He reached out to feel Zheng ZhongWen’s forehead. He exclaimed in surprise, “Furen, ZhongWen’s fever seems to have receded a bit.”

Zheng furen also came over to look. As her husband said, the fever had reduced a bit. He wasn’t as hot as before. “Qi xiaojie’s medical skills are really outstanding.”

Sangui heard and said, “That day Shizi fell, Qi xiaojie said if no one could treat him, she could!”

Zheng daren said, “Yes, blame me for being shortsighted and didn’t believe what you said. If she was invited over earlier, ZhongWen could have suffered less.”

These past three days, he and his wife had been meticulously taking care of ZhongWen. They were more anxious than if their own son fell ill.

“Sangui, the messenger should have arrived in Jingdu already?” Zheng daren lightly frowned. He didn’t know how scared the Duke and his furen would be after receiving the news.

This was Duke Yongping fu’s sole scion!

Sangui turned his head to look at the snowy world outside. “Because of this snowfall, I’m afraid the Duke still has not received the news yet. Once the Duke and his furen receive the news, they will certainly bring imperial physicians to Pengcheng.”


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