Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 14 Zheng Fu Sent People Over, Part 2

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He was very clear on what kind of person his older brother’s wife was. She would never treat RongYue kindly. He was worried about this.

But when Sanlang came to the front hall, the tea had already cooled. There was no trace of Qi RongYue.

He asked the servants and found out that Qi RongYue had already left Mo fu and returned to Pengcheng.

On the way back to Pengcheng, Xue’er asked, “Xiaojie, we came all this way just for the dowry list?”

Qi RongYue nodded. “En!” Of course not. Her main goal was to see Mo fu’s attitude. Now she had already seen it!

“But what’s the use of this dowry list? Would Laoye and Furen give the dowries to you?” Xue’er thought this was impossible. They had the fat piece of meat in their mouths. Why would they spit them back out?

Qi RongYue’s originally white, but now frozen-red, fingertips stroked the box. She lowly said, “I will make them spit them out. Wait and see!”

They were originally Qi RongYue’s things. She naturally wanted to get them back for the dead Qi RongYue. And she needed them now. She really needed them.

Qi fu

After waiting for three days, Zheng fu finally sent people over. Qi YongChun prepared a good speech. But when he saw Zheng Wenfan’s anxious face, he couldn’t say a word.

Zheng Wenfan was not polite and directly said, “Qi daren, please invite Qi Xiaojie out.”

Qi YongChun hurriedly said, “Zheng daren, to tell you the truth, Qi fu no longer has Qi RongYue this person. She has already been expelled from the family and genealogy records.”


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