Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 13 Dowry List, Part 2

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Née Xu was shocked. She didn’t come for money, but for the dowry list?

What was she going to do with the dowry list? Did she want to liquidate Qi family’s property?

“Qi Xiaojie, you came to Wuyuan in the cold for your mother’s dowry list and nothing else?” Née Xu asked.

Qi RongYue nodded, “Yes, only the dowry list and nothing else!”

Née Xu looked at Qi RongYue. Other than being taller, her temperament seemed to be quite different. She was no longer the weak and cowardly Qi RongYue. The old her was gone forever.

“What are you going to do with the dowry list?” Née Xu asked.

Qi RongYue did not hide it from her and directly answered, “Qi fu and I broke off relations. I am no longer Qi fu’s Xiaojie. That doesn’t matter. But I cannot let the dowry my mother left for me be swallowed by those people in Qi fu.”

Née Xu’s teacup shook in her hands and almost toppled over. She didn’t hear wrong right? What did she just hear?

Qi YongChun wanted to sever relations with Qi RongYue? She was no longer Qi fu’s Xiaojie? This was not a joke. Although children and parents fell out and were expelled from the house was not news, but Qi fu was not a normal family. This was the prefectural magistrate. He could do such a thing? A girl being kicked out of the house had no other paths. It was either the wrong path or a dead end. This Qi YongChun was too ruthless!

Even so, she still did not have any intentions of letting Qi RongYue stay in Mo fu.

She coughed, “You and Official Qi are father and daughter. What can’t you talk things over and jumped to get to this point? I think you should return and admit your mistake to your father. Fathers and daughters don’t have overnight animosity. He would definitely forgive you.”


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