Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 13 Dowry List, Part 1

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Xue’er twisted her lips. “Such a wealthy Mo family actually let Xiaojie stay out in the cold a whole night. It looks like they don’t treat Xiaojie as a relative!”

Qi RongYue shook her head and gently placed the teacup aside. Her face was indifferent, with no traces of anger or resentment.

Since the Mo family did not treat her as a relative, then she naturally wouldn’t stick her hot face onto their hot butts [shower affection on an uninterested party]!

If there was no expectation, there would be no disappointment!

“Oh – Qi Xiaojie is a lot taller these few years of not seeing you. Look at this small face. It’s really smart!”

She was Qi RongYue’s Da JiuMu [wife of mother’s brother] but she called her Qi Xiaojie. It seemed she steeled her heart to draw a clear line with Qi RongYue.

Qi RongYue was still indifferent and curtsied to Née Xu. She faintly smiled, “Mo furen has also changed: more portly. It seems like these years have been good!”

Née Xu’s face was stiff. This yatou [girl (used deprecatingly and affectionately)] called her Mo furen? But didn’t Née Xu call her Qi Xiaojie? It seemed like this yatou understood.

“Let’s sit!” Née Xu smiled and sat down in the host’s chair. She accepted the tea handed over by a maidservant.

Qi RongYue took a seat and waited for Née Xu’s questions.

“Is there something urgent for Qi Xiaojie to rush from Pengcheng to Wuyuan during the cold night?” Née Xu’s eyes carelessly swept over Qi RongYue. She wouldn’t be here to borrow money right? Did Official Qi not have sufficient money to bribe people?

Huh! They really thought we’re a charity supporting ingrates?

But Qi RongYue said, “Mo furen, I’m here for only one thing. I want the list of dowries my mother brought over when she married!”


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