Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 12 Leaving Mo Fu, Part 2

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At this time, Mo fu’s door finally opened. A tall girl stepped out. She quickly stepped towards the horse carriage outside. She lifted the curtain on the carriage, saw it was Qi RongYue, and deliberately made a surprised expression. “It’s really Qi Xiaojie? Last night, the porter said a Qi Xiaojie from Pengcheng arrived. Nubi didn’t believe it. The porter made a mistake and didn’t let furen know. Nubi told this to furen as soon as she woke up. Furen sent nubi out to take a look. Nubi did not expect Qi Xiaojie really came. Nubi deserves death. Nubi let Xiaojie freeze for a while night. Quickly, quickly! Please follow me in!”

Qi RongYue was used to these fake appearances. With a pale face, she didn’t say much. She and Xue’er helped each other out of the carriage.

She already turned her inside-out coat the right way to reveal the white fox fur collar. Although it was gorgeous, it was full of wrinkles and she cut a sorry figure!

Since it was furen’s trusted Xiao Cui who came out, she wouldn’t be able to see her uncle today! That’s good too. Without ties of affection, she would have fewer worries doing things in the future.

The sitting room was burning hot. It was a different world from outside. After drinking hot tea handed to her by a maidservant, her hand could move again.

It was Xue’er’s first time in such a rich and luxurious place. After the maidservant left, Xue’er whispered, “Xiaojie, this Mo fu looks very wealthy!”

Qi RongYue smiled faintly. “Of course it’s wealthy. The Mo family is the richest family in Wuyuan. They do business everywhere, even in Jingdu.


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