Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 11 Going to Wuyuan, Part 2

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“Because my maternal grandparents’ ancestral house is in Wuyuan!” In Qi RongYue’s memory, there wasn’t much about her mother, Née Mo’s, maiden family. There was one memory. That only memory.

That year, Qi RongYue was twelve years old. Wuyuan County’s Mo family sent people to notify Qi YongChun that Old Madam Mo passed away.

Qi YongChun didn’t want to have anything more to do with the Mo family. He had people send Qi RongYue to Wuyuan. The two banknotes on her body was what Third Uncle secretly gave her then.

Since that time, the Mo and Qi families completely severed contact. Two years later, when Old Master Mo passed away, no one informed Qi fu. This was equivalent to breaking all ties.

Wuyuan County and Pengcheng weren’t too far apart. A half-day journey was going to originally end in the evening, but due to the snow, ended in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the guard at the gate felt pity for the two weak females and especially broke the rules and let them into the city.

The carriage stopped outside Mo fu. Xue’er knocked on the door. The porter poked his head out to ask who they were. Xue’er answered that it was Qi Xiaojie from Pengcheng. The porter naturally knew who she was. He immediately rushed to inform furen.

After a long time, the door to Mo fu did not open again nor did the porter reappear. No matter how hard Xue’er knocked, the inside was dead silent. No one answered.

Qi RongYue pulled Xue’er’s hand. “Don’t knock anymore. They won’t open the door. Let’s wait until morning!”

The two got back onto the carriage and huddled together. They did not sleep. On such a snowy night, if they slept, they would certainly catch a cold.

The two currently did not have the qualifications to get sick.


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