Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious! Chapter 63 Part 2/2

Since Bai Yu and Xiang Shenyu were getting married, everyone had a week off except for the technical and operations departments.

Those who did get time off had overtime wages like on National Day.

At this time, Chen Chen was dressed very formally. With a pair of glasses, he looked like a member of the elite.

He looked guiltily at Bai Yu.

“Madam, that matter……”

“It’s fine. I know that you didn’t have a choice. You almost severed relations with your family.”

Chen Chen’s face turned slightly cold when he thought of his family. He thought about how they told him to definitely get the cooperation. “They are insatiable. And Madam was right. With her personality, my sister would definitely get taught a lesson. Now, she really got taught a lesson.”

Bai Yu nodded. She knew a bit about his sister.

Xiang Shenyu’s company was very big right now. He had to participate in a lot of gatherings and such. She had heard a CEO’s wife said last time that a son of a building materials company was still hooking up with women after getting married. His wife directly caught him and a woman in the act. The mistress was Chen Chen’s sister.

Because of this, Chen Chen’s father had come to the company to find Chen Chen, hoping to save his daughter.

“Now that I’m getting married, I don’t want to think about these things. Remember to have fun. Miss Wang is also coming.” Bai Yu winked.

When she said “Miss Wang,” Chen Chen’s austere face turned a bit red.

Bai Yu was alone in the room and quietly stroked the baby in her stomach.

“Why were you talking to that guy Chen Chen so happily? You even winked at him.” The King of Jealousy came on stage.


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