Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious! Chapter 63 Part 1/2

Bai Yu was getting married. She was wearing a wedding dress and holding a bouquet of flowers. Her bridesmaid was someone from Xiang Shenyu’s company.

Everyone thought that Bai Yu looked really beautiful today. Even Xiang Shenyu was dazed when he looked at her.

Bai Yu felt that she was pretty today too. But……

She felt her stomach. Her bulging stomach showed that she was already a few months pregnant.

Bai Yu felt the baby move. Her face gentled a lot.

This child was accidentally conceived when Xiang Shenyu wasn’t of legal age yet. But he would not allow Bai Yu to abort the child. This was his child. It was his and Bai Yu’s child.

That was why today was Xiang Shenyu’s birthday. It was also the day they had gone to get their marriage license and the day of the wedding.

[The legal age to get married in China is 20 for females and 22 for males.]

Bai Yu felt that they didn’t need to be so anxious and rush things. They could wait until the child was born first.


“Do you want our child to not have a legal father? Do you want my child’s father to not be his mother’s husband? I mind.”

Like this, Xiang Shenyu was in a temper for many days. He was already the CEO of a huge company and the developer of several popular games. But he was in a temper over such a small problem for many days.

In the company, sixteen of the employees were the original college students. They were all managers at this time. That male personal assistant, especially, was still assisting Xiang Shenyu, but his words held a lot of weight.

The male personal assistant was called Chen Chen. His stepmother gave birth to his sister. That was why she was very doted on at home. After the incident last time, he had returned and moved out directly from home.

Chen Chen’s father had wanted to sever relations with him in the ensuing chaos.

Chen Chen ignored him. Now, his father who had wanted to sever relations with him had to curry favor with him, hoping that he would get Xiang Shenyu’s company’s cooperation.

Chen Chen didn’t pay any attention to him.


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