Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious! Chapter 60 Part 2/2

“Let’s go.” Xiang Shenyu pulled Bai Yu to leave.

“Where are you going?” Mr. Xiang wanted to stop them.

“From now on, you live your life. I live my life. You will be my father in name only. I also don’t need your money. You don’t have to bother about my business anymore.”

Xiang Shenyu looked coldly at Mr. Xiang. The memories from his childhood overlapped with the current situation. He had lost all patience with this man now.

“You dare?!” Mr. Xiang angrily roared.

“Why don’t I dare? You can kill my mom and now you’re hurting the person I like. Do you know how much I hate you?” Xiang Shenyu’s eyes contained extreme unhappiness and anger that had been hidden in the deepest part of him.

“I didn’t kill your mom! How many times do you want me to explain it you?”

“No?” Xiang Shenyu lightly laughed like he had heard a joke. He stared coldly at Mr. Xiang. “If you didn’t bring your daughter back, would my mom leave? If you didn’t keep bringing women back, would my mother die?

“Also, don’t think that I don’t know about the car accident!”

Mr. Xiang was so startled that he took a step back. His eyes contained shock and panic.

“Let’s go!” Xiang Shenyu pulled Bai Yu to leave.

But Bai Yu stopped. She slightly pushed against Xiang Shenyu’s palm, motioning him to wait.

Bai Yu let go and walked over to Mr. Xiang. “Do you know why I won’t give up Xiang Shenyu?”

Mr. Xiang looked at her lifelessly.

“Because I am his doctor and also his girlfriend. I understand him the most. Would you understand Xiang Shenyu’s feelings if I give him up?”

Mr. Xiang opened his mouth, but didn’t know what he should say. He finally lowered his head and said, “You two leave.”


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