Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious! Chapter 60 Part 1/2

Xiang Shenyu pulled Bai Yu as he stared at the woman. “I hope that people who are not employees of the company will come around less. I am happy about this banquet today so I don’t want the mood to be spoiled.”

He then started to lead Bai Yu away.

Coincidentally, Bai Yu had very good hearing. She heard the woman behind her mutter, “Why can an old woman have him?”

“Stop talking. I won’t take you out next time!”

“No, brother.”

Bai Yu coldly smiled. She was not a person who was easy to provoke. She heard someone talk about her and didn’t think about letting it go just like that.

So Bai Yu threw off Xiang Shenyu’s hand. She turned and went over to the woman.

The woman looked at Bai Yu in some panic. But she still had a strong attitude. “What do you want?!”

Bai Yu snorted. She stretched out her right hand and slapped the woman’s face.

After slapping her, she wiped her hand with a tissue. She looked faintly at the woman. “Don’t you know that it’s very annoying when you talk behind other people’s backs?”

“Ah!” The woman was suddenly hit. She covered her face and looked shocked at Bai Yu. “You dare to hit me?!”

“Why wouldn’t I dare to hit you?” Bai Yu then looked at the man next to her who was finally reacting. He should be this woman’s brother.

She smiled coldly as she looked at him. “Control her. This habit of speaking badly behind someone’s back will get her killed sooner or later.”

The people there were attracted over by the noise. They were originally assessing Bai Yu. Their own iceberg boss actually had a girlfriend and they were about to get married soon.

Everyone admired Bai Yu for actually settling down with their weird boss.

Everyone had also witnessed Bai Yu slapping the woman. They secretly raised a thumbs-up at Bai Yu. Beautifully done!


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