Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious! Chapter 59 Part 1/2

They walked to a banquet hall. A lot of people in suits and dresses were walking around.

Bai Yu then realized that Xiang Shenyu’s clothes were a bit formal.

She was used to seeing Xiang Shenyu’s work clothes, so she didn’t immediately realize.

Bai Yu lowly asked, “What is this all about?”

Xiang Shenyu puffed out a breath onto Bai Yu’s ear. “Celebration.”

Bai Yu’s body was tickled by his breath on her ear. Why was this person seducing her all the time?

“Oh, boss. Can this be the boss’ wife?” A male voice containing a smile sounded.

“Of course. Don’t you see our millennium-iceberg boss being all love-dovey?” Another voice joked.

Bai Yu then saw two males wearing tuxedos come over. They didn’t look very old.

Xiang Shenyu looked at them coldly. The atmosphere that he was creating earlier was ruined by these two people. Tonight’s plan might not be successful.

“Wow. Boss’ eyes are so scary.” A male with a pigtail stood on the left.

“Why don’t you think about what you had just disturbed boss doing? You deserve it.” A rather delicate-looking male was on the right.

“Write all the computer programs once again for me tomorrow. I want it handwritten.” Xiang Shenyu’s voice was cold.

“No! Boss, we were wrong.” The two people looked horrified and wailed.

Xiang Shenyu ignored them. He took Bai Yu towards the banquet hall and explained, “The game was a huge success. $100 million is reached on the first day. 90% of it is profit.”

Bai Yu heard this terrifying sum and was a bit dumbfounded.

She didn’t think that Xiang Shenyu really was a genius.

The game had just come on the market for a month and had such success already.


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