Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious! Chapter 58 Part 2/2

It was as if Mr. Xiang had expected this. He sighed. “I know that you two blame me. But I was acting like a father.”

Bai Yu coldly sneered. “When Mr. Xiang says this sentence, you should think about whether or not you led by example. Why was Xiang Shenyu autistic?”

Bai Yu didn’t want to talk to him too much and left.

This time, Mr. Xiang did not stop Bai Yu. He stood there. His head was lowered, so no discernible emotions could be seen.

Bai Yu went to her station and quickly packed up her things.

It was exactly lunchtime so there was no one in the office.

She carried a box and went outside. There was a white car outside. A certain person was leaning against the car. His delicate facial features were slightly glowing very handsomely.

Xiang Shenyu saw Bai Yu come out. He quickly went over.

He looked down at Bai Yu. “Are you hungry?”

“En, a little.” Bai Yu nodded.

“Then let’s go eat.” Xiang Shenyu led Bai Yu into the car.

But he seemed to have sensed something. He turned to look back at the hospital. There was a person standing at the window.

Xiang Shenyu’s eyes turned slightly cold. His hand holding Bai Yu’s hand slightly tightened.

Bai Yu looked along Xiang Shenyu’s gaze. She explained, “He didn’t do anything to me. He just asked about you.”

“En. Let’s go.” Xiang Shenyu didn’t look back again and got into the car.

They drove straight to hotel.

Bai Yu thought that they were just eating by themselves. But she saw a banquet-like scene when they arrived at the hotel.


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