Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious! Chapter 58 Part 1/2

The director saw that Bai Yu had come. He thought about how Mr. Xiang had been praising her. He had said that his son’s illness was cured. Her remuneration had been deposited into her bank card. The director quickly smiled and said, “Oh, the big hero is here. Mr. Xiang has just been praising you.”

Bai Yu slightly frowned. She really did not understand what Mr. Xiang wanted.

Mr. Xiang understood Bai Yu’s feelings. His eyes dimmed a bit.

Bai Yu had no other expression on her face. She put her resignation letter on the desk. “Director, I came here to resign.”

The director looked at the resignation letter on the desk and asked strangely, “You cured Mr. Xiang’s son this time. I was going to report that and ask for a promotion for you. Why are you resigning?”

Bai Yu moved some scattered hair behind her ears. “Because I found out that having internet knowledge is easier than being a doctor. Please approve my resignation, Director.”

“What internet knowledge?”

“Internet technology with computers.”

“Why are you doing that?” The director felt that Bai Yu had really changed. She seemed very different from the past.

“I have some interest in it, so I’m going to do it. Okay, I handed you the resignation letter already. I’m going to pack up my things. I’ll leave now.”

Bai Yu turned to leave.

She had just walked out the door, when a voice called her from behind.

“Wait, Bai Yu.”

Bai Yu looked at Mr. Xiang who had chased after her. Her expression was unpleasant.

Mr. Xiang looked embarrassed, but still said, “I heard that Shenyu’s company is doing pretty well. He……”

“I think that the things Mr. Xiang wants to ask can be personally asked to him.”

Mr. Xiang shook his head. “He won’t see me.”

“Then what does Mr. Xiang think that I can answer?”

Her meaning was: Xiang Shenyu wouldn’t tell you anything, so why would I tell you anything?


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