Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious! Chapter 56 Part 2/2

Xiang Shenyu’s company was getting on track. The first game that he intended to develop was a mobile game.

During a time when cell phones were everywhere, everyone easily agreed to developing a mobile game.

It was another stand-alone game. Now, they also were familiar with the established company, which had a game platform already.

The established company deliberately helped out when they found out that Xiang Shenyu was developing a mobile game. They integrated his game onto their platform and promoted it. The game made front-page headlines and had the opportunity to enter the rankings.

This made Xiang Shenyu’s small game famous for a period of time!

The game was a casual and action mobile game. It was suitable for males and females or the old and young. It started to gain more and more players.

On the first day, 30,000 people did not delete the beta version of the game after its release.

This number wasn’t much compared to large online games. But Xiang Shenyu had only released five districts within the game to get 30,000 players. This number ranked him third among new mobile games.

Even the established game company was surprised.

Although their promotion of the game on their platform was a good opportunity, this huge success greatly surprised them.

Xiang Shenyu sat at his desk. He could feel the excitement of his employees outside. Even his calm and steady male personal assistant came in happily to report to him.

He also spoke of some updates that had not been implemented yet.

“When the upgrades are in beta testing, we’ll open a new district. The first five districts are not included in the upgrade. We’ll call them the Gold Leaf District.”

“Okay. I’ll go write the program now.”

Xiang Shenyu’s fingers drummed against his desk. He smiled as his other hand stroked his phone’s screen.

A picture of two people was on the phone’s screen.


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