Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious! Chapter 55 Part 2/2

“Who were you talking to? I heard voices from outside.”

Bai Yu slightly raised her eyebrow. Why were this young man’s ears so good?

She needed to change the topic. “Oh, I was talking to myself. I was a little surprised that I had only left for a short period of time, but it looked like no one has lived here for several years.”

“Really?” Xiang Shenyu already had a conditioned response now.

He would not allow any circumstances to take Bai Yu away.

“Really!” Bai Yu pulled him to a room. “You stay here tonight.”

“You’re staying here too.” Xiang Shenyu nodded.

Bai Yu’s eyelids jumped. Although she wanted to beat someone up after hearing Xiang Shenyu’s words, at least she had changed the topic of how she had cleaned up so fast.

“You have to be around me from now on. All the time and every day. I will be richer than him one day. Rest assured,” Xiang Shenyu boldly said.

“What does you having money have to do with me?” Bai Yu couldn’t help but tease the young man. “Do you really think that I would leave you for the $100 million?”

Although Xiang Shenyu felt that Bai Yu wouldn’t do that, he was still insecure, like he was about his age.

Although he said that it was fine, he was really afraid that Bai Yu would look down on his age.

“I don’t put $100 million in my eyes,” Bai Yu said. She turned to wink at Xiang Shenyu. “It should be at least $1 billion, right?”

Xiang Shenyu thought about it and firmly clutched Bai Yu’s wrist. “No. You can’t leave me even for $1 billion!”

“Okay, okay, okay. I won’t leave you for $1 billion. Let go. It hurts.” Bai Yu could feel the pain in her wrist. She gently patted the back of his hand twice.

Xiang Shenyu pulled and hugged her hard. “I really, really love you.”

Really love. The kind of love that is deep in the bones.


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