Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious! Chapter 55 Part 1/2

“Host, you are willing to leave Xiang Shenyu?”

“Why not?” Bai Yu was not next to Xiang Shenyu, so her personality had returned to how she was before. She didn’t want anything else except to achieve her purpose.

“I do like him in this world. But you know that this is just mission, right?” Bai Yu spoke as if she really didn’t care.

Maomao didn’t answer.

Bai Yu coldly snorted. “I’ll give you three seconds. One……. Two……”

“Ding…… Initiating the cheat. Starting the cleaning function.”

Maomao finished speaking and the room began to change.

The dust that couldn’t be reached started to move like it was alive.

The dust gathered little by little into a chain-like strip and floated in the air.

When the last bits of dust joined it, the window automatically opened. The dust all flew out of the room.

This only took ten seconds. When Xiang Shenyu couldn’t wait anymore and walked inside, the window had just closed.

Xiang Shenyu had heard voices. He thought that it was strange. He thought about what had happened today and worriedly went back.

But he found the room spotless as soon as he walked inside. It was very clean and tidy.

He could even see that it was very clean even on top of the cabinets.

He turned to look for Bai Yu and saw her sitting on a chair. She stood up when she saw him come inside.

“So fast?” Xiang Shenyu released a sigh of relief when he saw that she was fine. Then he was surprised.

He looked around all over as if he wanted to find something out of place.

Xiang Shenyu looked left and right and didn’t let go of any corner.

Bai Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “What are you looking for?”


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