Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious! Chapter 54 Part 1/2

Bai Yu and Xiang Shenyu stood on the side of the road. The noon sunshine shone on their bodies.

Bai Yu helplessly shook her head. “Why are you anxious? We haven’t even taken our luggage. We ran out just like that. We don’t even have a change of clothes.”

Xiang Shenyu stubbornly shook his head and did not answer. He said instead, “I have money. I can afford to support you.”

Bai Yu was a little startled.

Actually, Mr. Xiang’s sentence that Xiang Shenyu was just young and impulsive had affected her.

Bai Yu had always dared to love and hate. She would be fine if Xiang Shenyu really thought that way. She would just leave. But her first love experience would be very miserable.

However, Xiang Shenyu’s actions made Bai Yu feel uncertain.

She shook her head. Forget it. She was doing a mission, anyway. As long as he treated her sincerely, she would treat him sincerely too.

Bai Yu smiled. She clapped one hand on Xiang Shenyu’s shoulder. She said boldly, “Since you’re so rich, I’ll have to bleed you dry now, right?”

Xiang Shenyu raised his eyebrow. “Let’s go.”

When it was close to sunset in the afternoon, Bai Yu walked out of the mall in satisfaction.

Their hands were empty, but that didn’t mean that they didn’t buy anything.

As long as they bought a certain amount at this mall, the mall would deliver everything to their house for free.

Bai Yu had bought a lot of new brands for the season. Of course, she also bought a lot for Xiang Shenyu.

Their clothes were taken care of. Now, it was time to look for housing.

Bai Yu soon solved it in her mind. Let’s go to her house.

Since she had arrived at this world, she had only been back once. But that house was still hers.

Xiang Shenyu’s eyes shone and his mouth was curved. He was evidently happy that they were going to Bai Yu’s house. He also moved a lot faster.

Of course Bai Yu did not notice these changes. She was still looking for her house key.


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