Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious! Chapter 53 Part 1/2

One bodyguard fell to the ground. Then a second and then a third. The last one was directly kicked over by Mr. Xiang’s feet.

The four bodyguards clutched their chests and gasped for breath. One could see how much pain their chests were in. They must have broken several ribs.

They looked at Bai Yu with fear in their eyes. A weak-looking woman was so strong. She could directly knock them to the ground with one move.

Mr. Xiang had witnessed the whole scene. His face was livid and his hands were clenched.

“I can’t believe that I underestimated you.” Mr. Xiang looked at the woman who was like a death god and gnashed his teeth as he spoke.

“I already said that these pieces of garbage can’t do anything to me.” Bai Yu patted her hands and tidied up her clothes.

“Huh. It seems like if I don’t try something new, I won’t be able to touch you.” Mr. Xiang pulled his phone out from a pocket. He was about to dial a number.

But before the call went through, a pain in his hand forced him to release the phone. The phone fell to the ground.

Xiang Shenyu’s expression was unpleasant as he looked at the people on the ground and his father.

“I didn’t think that my father would do something like this. It looks like my words that day had no effect on you.” Xiang Shenyu understood everything when he saw this scene.

He was feeling a bit uneasy when he couldn’t get through on Bai Yu’s phone. That was why he came back to take a look.

This scene really made his heart turn cold.

Especially that check on the table.

His own father actually used this method to force Bai Yu to leave him.

“Shenyu, I……” Mr. Xiang saw Xiang Shenyu and was panicked. Why did Xiang Shenyu appear now?

Did Bai Yu notify him?

But it shouldn’t be. Bai Yu’s phone had long been turned off by him.


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