Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious! Chapter 52 Part 1/2

Bai Yu took a sip of coffee and looked at Mr. Xiang. She mocked, “Is your son worth only $100 million?”

“It looks like you have a big appetite.” Mr. Xiang was not surprised. He thought that Bai Yu thought that it was too little.

His impression of her worsened.

“I always had a big appetite. You just didn’t know it,” Bai Yu faintly said.

“Then tell me the number you want.”

“Did Mr. Xiang not consider that I saved you son before you came here?”

“I am grateful that you saved my son. I also added your medical expenses.” Mr. Xiang had guessed that Bai Yu would use this excuse.

His eyes became more contemptuous.

“Then why don’t you get in a car crash and I’ll pay your medical bills?” Bai Yu smiled.

Mr. Xiang was speechless. He snapped, “You don’t know what’s good for you. Hurry and leave my son. Or you won’t even get this $100 million.”

“Since you said that, I feel like I can’t leave your son even more now. What should I do?” Bai Yu blinked, unafraid.

If she would be scared by his words, then she really wouldn’t be Bai Yu.

“Then don’t regret the choice that you’ve made.” Mr. Xiang stood up and clapped his hands.

Soon, the originally closed door was opened. Many men dressed in black entered.

The men were very tall. After respectfully bowing to Mr. Xiang, they stood behind him and didn’t move.

Bai Yu wasn’t the slightest bit panicked. She put down the cup in her hands. She looked at the lineup. “Does Mr. Xiang want to use strong-arm tactics?”


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