Poison Doctor Demon Consort [毒医妖妃: 枭王, 夜夜宠]

Author: Hong Shui 红水

Status: 525 (Completed)

Genres: Comedy, Cross-dressing, Historical, Transmigration

Translation Schedule: TBD

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A certain Xiao wang* embraced her who was in men’s clothing, rolled over onto the ground, not neglecting to kiss her with burning kisses.

She who was going to war on behalf of her brother yelled out, “Wangye*, I am a man! A man! Do you see clearly?”

Wangye acted as if nothing happened, accurately captured two fragrant, soft and sweet lips, one kiss after another: “This wang am recently sexually inclined towards males!” A certain female’s tiny waist was being crushed as she tearfully pled, “Wangye, please spread the rain and dew!”

A certain Xiao wang: “There are many potential lovers to choose from, but this wang only wants one.”

She, Linghu Shui Yue, a military doctor from the modern era, has reincarnated into a s*upid sixteen year old girl?

She s*upid? Then she’ll s*upidly hit Qi* wang! Fortune favors fools! How about changing a husband to play with? What is Qi wang? She heard that You* wang was the world’s most beautiful man! Sleep, of course one must sleep the world’s number one beautiful man! Marry, of course she must marry the man all the women in the world want to marry!

But, isn’t this man too black-bellied? There was no need for her to even think about it for the man voluntarily presented himself at her door and used all sorts of wiles and methods to marry her as consort! There’s a conspiracy! Then come! And see how she sees through the subterfuge and completely demolishes it.

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