Plan to Trap the Golden Thigh Chapter 98 Apply to Be Your Boyfriend

Ji Naitang didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. Cen Muqi could check on his WeChat while he was in a meeting? What would happen if his employees in the meeting found out?

Ji Naitang: I’m not good-looking. You just take pictures that make me look good.

After he sent the message, he looked at the picture of himself again. The picture was taken when Feng Yan wanted a camera to take to the orphanage, so Cen Muqi found his instant camera that Leng Qifei had given him. Cen Muqi had taken the picture while Ji Naitang was spacing out in the living room,

Before he took the picture, Cen Muqi had also called him “Little chick,” so Ji Naitang had turned to look at him doubtfully and in confusion. The comments below the picture said something about a prince with a gloomy air and such.

Prince. What prince? He was just a person living in a quagmire. While he was thinking about this, he received Cen Muqi’s message.

Cen Muqi: It’s a fact that it’s very important to have a boyfriend who knows how to take pictures.

Ji Naitang’s heart skipped a beat. He stared at the word “boyfriend” for a long time before he confirmed that he didn’t read it wrong.

He couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. He noticed that his heart rate was slowly increasing. Boyfriend. Did it mean what he thought it meant? Or was it a casual joke?

Ji Naitang’s hands trembled as he typed in “You mean you’re my boyfriend, CEO Cen?” Then he felt that it was wrong, so he quickly deleted it. He then texted “But you’re not my boyfriend ~ ”

After he sent the message, he stared nervously at the phone. He didn’t know whether he was looking forward to the reply or if he was scared of the reply. His phone would lock in one minute. After his screen locked three times, he still didn’t receive a response.

Ji Naitang’s heart gradually sank. He couldn’t help but think whether he shouldn’t have replied like that. It did sound problematic. He was vexed, but it was too late to take the message back.

He couldn’t help but stand up and turned around in circles in the office. He wondered if Cen Muqi asked him about this later, would Cen Muqi believe it if he said his WeChat account was hacked?

He could just delete his WeChat account and say that it was hacked!

Ji Naitang made up his mind and started to delete his account. His WeChat tone sounded. He froze. He took a few deep breaths before he switched back to his messages. It was sent by Yao Yuanjing.

Chunhua: Tang’er, don’t forget to follow up with CEO Zhao ~

Ji Naitang gnashed his teeth. He had the impulse to block Yao Yuanjing, but he hadn’t done it when a red dot appeared next to Cen Muqi’s profile picture of a little chick.

He clicked it excitedly. Cen Muqi’s reply was: Then can I apply?

Apply? Apply for what? Ji Naitang looked at his previous message and felt that he had trouble breathing. He didn’t know whether it was what he was thinking of. He hoped it was, but he was afraid he thought too much and misunderstood.

Ji Naitang: Apply for what?

Cen Muqi: Apply to be your boyfriend!

Ji Naitang stared with wide eyes. He suspected he was having a hallucination. What was Cen Muqi’s reply? Cen Muqi said he wanted to apply to be his boyfriend?

Boyfriend? Not a backer. Not a lover. A boyfriend!

He looked at the message. He knew he should be happy, but his heart felt tart. He wanted to cry.

This kind of thing that he didn’t even dare to dream about actually happened in reality. So how could he not be excited?!


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  1. lonipony November 21, 2020 / 11:38 pm

    Awww the scene from the synopsis appeared~
    I’m so happy for him (๑¯∀¯๑) aaaahhh (≧∀≦)
    Thank you :DD

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