Plan to Trap the Golden Thigh Chapter 59 Finally a Bit of Harvest

“Just leave the flowers with the front desk on the first floor. I’ll go downstairs for them later.”

“No, Mr. Ji. You need to sign for these flowers in person. Otherwise, I won’t be able to explain when I go back.”

Ji Naitang slightly smiled. He thought that Tan Huanya and Cen Xi were both so stupid. This deliberate attempt to lure him downstairs was too obvious, right?!

“Okay. Wait a minute. I’m coming down now.”

Ji Naitang looked at the time. There was still half an hour until Cen Muqi got off work, so there was still time. He took the employee elevator down, because the CEO’s elevator was too eye-catching.

When he walked out of the CEO Corporation, the flower delivery person told him to go to the back. Ji Naitang had no objections and directly went behind the building to a more secluded area. He saw a man wearing a cap standing there with a bouquet of flowers.

“Do you have to pick a place with no one around to deliver flowers?”

The man smiled and said. “Sorry. I walked around the front door too much. The security guards were about to kick me away. So I came here instead. These are your flowers.”

Ji Naitang didn’t reach out to take the flowers. He leisurely put one hand in his pants pocket and looked at the person as he prepared to stab a fruit knife over at the same time he was handing the flowers over. Only Tan Huanya with that brain of hers could come up with such an obvious assassination attempt.

Ji Naitang looked up. “Didn’t Tan Huanya tell you that there are surveillance cameras here?”

That person subconsciously looked up too. Ji Naitang took advantage of his distraction to grab his wrist and sweep his leg under him to take him down.

At the same time he fell down, Ji Naitang easily took the fruit knife away from him. Then he stepped on the man’s back and tossed the fruit knife up and down. “Call your employer.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He still wanted to play tough. Ji Naitang wasn’t in a hurry and smiled. “What will happen if I toss this fruit knife up, but I can’t catch it?”

The person stiffened. He turned his head and looked up from the ground. The fruit knife was right above him. Ji Naitang slowly tossed the fruit knife up and caught it and tossed it again. His heart shook.

He pulled out his phone and dialed a number. He pressed the speakerphone. Tan Huanya’s voice sounded after the call connected. “What? Did you finish the task already?”

Ji Naitang said, “It’s done. Do you want me to cut off his ear or his nose? I’ll send it to you with express delivery. Oh, right. I need to pay for express delivery. I don’t want to pay extra.”

It was silent on the other end of the phone for a long time. Ji Naitang could imagine Tan Huanya’s expression. He waited patiently and heard Tan Huanya say, “You have the wrong number.” Then she hung up.

“Did you hear that? She won’t care about you if something happens. Before you do this kind of thing next time, use your brain and think carefully about whether a few dollars is more important or your life is more important.”

The man didn’t know what to say. He knew that he couldn’t escape, so he no longer struggled. Ji Naitang pulled out his phone to call the police. Someone shouted, “Who’s over there?”

This blindspot had no surveillance cameras, so security guards would patrol here from time to time. It was coincidentally time for a patrol. Ji Naitang pulled the man up and went over to the security guard. “This man tried to kill me under the guise of sending flowers.”

“That happened? Did you call the police?”

“Not yet. He wanted to run away, but luckily you came.”

The security guard pulled the man over and called the police. Ji Naitang followed them. He didn’t notice that a person slowly came out of another corner. That person had a pair of upward slanting eyes and a camera in his hands.

That person got into his car and drove to Ji Corporation’s underground garage. Then he directly took the elevator to the CEO’s office.

“CEO Ji, you wanted me to follow Ji Naitang for a few days now. There’s finally a bit of harvest.”

The man took the video out and handed it to Ji Weilou. Ji Weilou looked at it on his computer and said darkly, “This kid is really not simple. He seemed to disguise himself very hard at the Ji family before. I took him lightly and didn’t take care of him as soon as possible.”

“What are you doing next?”

“Does he think there’s nothing I can do if he climbs onto the Cen family?” Ji Weilou smiled darkly. “Ji Naitang, Ji Naitang, do you really think you have wings and can fly out of my hand? The Cen family. You just have to look for the Cen family. What a coincidence. I want you to know what is called digging your own grave.”


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