Plan to Trap the Golden Thigh Chapter 58 Do You Have Any Shame?

An hour later, Assistant Liu came to remind Cen Muqi about a meeting. He was already used to seeing Ji Naitang in the CEO’s office from time to time now. It was fine as long as the CEO didn’t “refuse to attend morning court anymore.”

It wasn’t that Assistant Liu was dedicated. It was just that he was the CEO’s assistant. If the CEO refused to work, a lot of work would pile up. Assistant Liu would certainly have to work overtime then. The loss would outweigh the gains.

Cen Muqi went to the conference room and Ji Naitang was left alone in the office. He had changed the nickname already, so he was just waiting for Cen Muqi to check it. Thus, he was quite idle right now.

“Qi ge ~ ” Tan Huanya’s voice suddenly sounded with the door opening.

Ji Naitang looked over. Tan Huanya was obviously startled. She asked angrily, “Why are you here?”

Ji Naitang started to matchmake again because he thought that Tan Huanya and Cen Xi were a very good match together. The first thing they both said when they saw him was, “Why are you here?”

“Ms. Tan’s memory isn’t very good. I’m CEO Cen’s Special Assistant. Is it very strange to appear in the CEO’s office?”

“Huh. Special Assistant? So special that you climb onto the bed?!”

Ji Naitang was very happy. “Isn’t that special enough?! At least, not everyone can do it.”

“Ji Naitang, do you have any shame?”

“No. Do you want some? I can give some to you. You don’t have any either.”

Tan Huanya was so angry that she took a few steps forward to smash some things. Ji Naitang very kindly reminded her, “I don’t know what’s important and what isn’t in this office. You can smash all you want, but if you smash something important, remember to explain to CEO Cen later.”

Tan Huanya didn’t dare to throw the documents in her hands anymore. This place was different from the assistant’s small office. The documents here were certainly very important and organized by Cen Muqi. So, she didn’t dare to casually move them.

“Aunt Yan already knows about you.”

“I know.” Ji Naitang’s back was a bit stiff. He adjusted his sitting posture and said, “That’s not your credit. She already knew.”

“You’re from the Ji family, at the very least. You really don’t care about Ji family’s reputation?”

“I don’t care. Do you care? What? You want to marry into the Ji family? I won’t marry you. Other than me, there’s only my second uncle left. Should I help you ask him if he’s interested?”

“Ji! Nai! Tang!”

“My second uncle is almost fifty this year. You don’t think he’s old?”

Tan Huanya was so angry that she couldn’t even say a word. She originally wanted Aunt Yan to talk to Cen Muqi, but Aunt Yan knew about this already. And she had already talked to Cen Muqi, so she wouldn’t interfere. Only if Cen Muqi still didn’t break off the relationship after he was engaged to Tan Huanya would Aunt Yan take a hard approach.

So, Tan Huanya could only rely on herself. Anyway, she wouldn’t let Ji Naitang live well.

Ji Naitang knew that Tan Huanya was scheming something, but he was too lazy to say anything. She could bring out whatever tricks she had. Whether it was Cen Xi or Tan Huanya, they were both useless compared to the people whom he really want to take care of.

Not long after Tan Huanya left, Ji Naitang received a call from an unfamiliar number. “Hello?”

“Is this Mr. Ji Naitang?”

“Who are you?”

“Hello, Mr. Ji. I work at a florist’s. There is a bouquet of flowers here for you to sign for. But I can’t get into the company. So, can you please come downstairs to sign for it?”

“Flowers? Who sent it?”

“The card says ‘Mr. Cen.’”

Mr. Cen? Cen Muqi? Ji Naitang knew things weren’t simple. Let’s not talk about whether Cen Muqi would send him flowers or not. But he was in the conference room right now, so how could he have time to order flowers for him?!

It could only be Tan Huanya then. Who knew what she wanted to do?


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