Plan to Trap the Golden Thigh Chapter 40 Being WeChat Friends

Ji Naitang recalled that Cen Muqi was looking at something on his phone before he left the room, but he didn’t think he was looking up recipes on Baidu. These noodles actually looked very good, but the taste was complicated.

However, these noodles were something that Cen Muqi personally made for him, so let’s not mention bad-tasting, but even if it was poisoned, he would still eat the whole thing without leaving a mouthful.

“It’s very…… very delicious.”

Cen Muqi looked at him for a while and lowered his requirements. “If it tastes bad, then just eat a few bites to fill your stomach.”

Ji Naitang didn’t say anything and silently ate the bowl of noodles. Then he took advantage of Cen Muqi not paying attention to drink the rest of the water in his cup.

It was really salty!

“Ah, yes. Your phone didn’t lock before someone sent you a WeChat message. I accidentally saw it.”

Cen Muqi looked silently at him. Ji Naitang looked away somewhat guiltily. This excuse was as lame as Cen Muqi’s cooking. But he couldn’t think of another excuse. After all, he had opened the message.

Fortunately, Cen Muqi didn’t say anything. He walked over to sit on the other side of the bed and picked up his phone. He unlocked it and scrolled for the message.

Ji Naitang wanted to look, but he felt that it wouldn’t be in line with his current “little lover” identity. So he could only ask seemingly casually, “Was it sent by Ms. Tan? I saw HuanHuan.”


“Did you give your mom any ideas about your birthday and engagement party? I…… I’m very good at planning. If you need it……”

“There’s still some time until her birthday. There’s no hurry. And it’s even less urgent for the engagement party. It will happen when she meets her Prince Charming.”

Ji Naitang couldn’t react for a moment. He was scared that he had auditory hallucinations because his stomach was hurting so much. He tried hard to restrain his heart and asked, “Didn’t your mom say that Ms. Tan likes you?”

“I always treated her like a younger sister. I have no feelings for her.”

Treated her like a sister, no feelings…… So Cen Muqi told Feng Yan this when he went to her room earlier? So the “that” Tan Huanya’s message referred to was this?

So Cen Muqi wouldn’t get engaged to Tan Huanya or marry her? Did this mean that he could stay with Cen Muqi a little longer?

Ji Naitang didn’t know how to describe his mood right now. It was like riding a roller coaster. He was suddenly at the top, suddenly fell to the bottom, and then suddenly at the top again. He buried his face in the pillow. He wanted to laugh and cry.

“Ji Naitang, if you really can’t bear it, I’ll take you to the hospital.” Cen Muqi saw Ji Naitang like this and thought that his stomach pain was unbearable.

“It doesn’t hurt that much anymore. It’s much better than earlier.”

Cen Muqi didn’t respond. Ji Naitang was scared that he didn’t believe him, so he took a deep breath and looked up at him. “It really doesn’t hurt anymore. I was just thinking that I haven’t added CEO Cen’s WeChat.”

“Because of this?”

Of course not. And this excuse sounded so stupid. But Ji Naitang had already said it, so he couldn’t take it back. He felt that his IQ seemed so low when he was around Cen Muqi.


Cen Muqi: “……” Only fools would believe this right? But since Ji Naitang used such a dumb excuse, he clearly didn’t want to tell the truth. So Cen Muqi didn’t say anything else and followed his train of thought. “Then what is your WeChat, little gege? Can we talk on WeChat?”

Ji Naitang was worried that Cen Muqi would ask, but he didn’t expect that he not only wouldn’t ask, but he would actually agree to add him on WeChat. Wasn’t this an unexpected and lucky turn of events?

His WeChat number wasn’t searchable, so he directly unlocked it for Cen Muqi to scan it. If they were friends on WeChat, then wouldn’t he be able to see what Cen Muqi was up to even after they part ways?

But what if he gets blocked?

Ji Naitang then recalled that the nickname Cen Muqi gave Tan Huanya was “HuanHuan.” He felt a little tart as he asked, “Do you want to give me a nickname, CEO Cen?” He then realized that his words were a bit overstepping his bounds, so he quickly added, “I…… I often change my nickname and profile picture, so you might not be able to tell which one is me.”

This explanation was a bit strange. Maybe Cen Muqi didn’t care whether he could tell which one is him or not. Maybe he added him as a friend just because Ji Naitang suggested it.

Ji Naitang sighed over what he said. Then he heard Cen Muqi say, “I changed it.”

Ji Naitang instantly lifted his head and asked expectantly, “What did you change it to?”

Cen Muqi smiled. “You want to know? I’ll tell after you bring me a gastroscopic report from a hospital tomorrow in exchange. Now, go to sleep!”


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