Plan to Trap the Golden Thigh Chapter 27 Why Did It Seem Like He Was Jealous?

The next day was the official grand opening of the resort. They were busy since early in the morning. They dealt with the press one moment and participated in the opening ceremony the next. There was no chance for them to talk.

Cen Muqi looked at Ji Naitang when he was cutting the ribbon. He seemed to look okay, as if he didn’t remember last night’s dream.

Ji Naitang smiled when Cen Muqi looked at him. He didn’t know what Cen Muqi was thinking about. He just couldn’t help but be happy when he saw Cen Muqi looking at him. He was actually not in a good state today, because he “exercised” too hard last night and because he dreamed of Ji Moyu.

He wanted to dream of Ji Moyu and he wanted to see Ji Moyu in his dreams, but he was afraid of the past.

“You look like you indulged excessively last night. Did you do it seven times last night?” Yao Yuanjing leaned over to Ji Naitang and asked in a low voice. Ji Naitang looked somewhat disdainfully at him.

Yao Yuanjing sighed and patted his shoulder. “Youngster, you should pay attention and restrain yourself. If you don’t know how to restrain yourself when you’re young, when you get old……” He suddenly stopped, because his Naitang’er’s eyes emitted a dangerous aura. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to survive.

Everyone couldn’t help but turn to look at them. They were far away and Yao Yuanjing’s voice was low, so they didn’t know what they were talking about. But they looked at them chatting secretively while standing so close. They still felt that there was some gossip here.

CEO Yao was Ji Naitang’s former backer. Could it be that he was reluctant and missing Ji Naitang? Everyone then looked at CEO Cen who had finished cutting the ribbon. CEO Cen’s face was a little black. Wow. The two big shots seemed to have started the “jealous mode” again.

“I remember that you went to the drugstore to buy medicine last night. Did anything happen on the way back?”

Ji Naitang was not in the mood and replied, “No.”

“Then you’re lucky. Zhuo Xiaozhuo was harassed by a few thugs last night. He said that a ‘heroic’ Good Samaritan lent a helping hand and took care of those thugs. Who do you think the hero is?” Yao Yuanjing’s tone made it clear that he had guessed that it was Ji Naitang. Ji Naitang was too lazy to care about him. When he saw Cen Muqi step off the stage, he quickly walked over to squeeze by Cen Muqi’s side.

Yao Yuanjing stood there and gnashed his teeth in anger. This guy valued lovers over friends! He forgot about his childhood friend after he got a lover!

“Is he still bothering you?” Cen Muqi turned to ask Ji Naitang. Ji Naitang was ignorant for a while before he realized that he was talking about Yao Yuanjing. He was speechless. “No.”

“Then what did he say to you?”

“Uh…… It’s about the resort.” Ji Naitang then looked carefully at Cen Muqi. He felt that this tone sounded a little jealous, but that wasn’t very likely. How could Cen Muqi be jealous?

It was probably because he was now considered Cen Muqi’s, so he wasn’t very happy that his own lover tangling with his former backer.

The dinner tonight was more formal. Everyone was going back tomorrow. Ji Naitang silently sighed. He had thought that he could experience the feeling of going on vacation with Cen Muqi. But they were with a group of people most of the time.

Ji Naitang saw a group of people surround Cen Muqi. He was somewhat lonely as he walked out of the hotel. He leaned on a tree to the right of the door. He couldn’t help but think about the dream from last night.

“Are you alone, handsome?” An enticing voice sounded near him. Ji Naitang turned to see an unfamiliar man. Ji Naitang was almost 1.8 meter tall, but this person was taller than him by a head. He was more than 1.9 meter tall with muscles and a scar on his forehead. He didn’t look like an easy person to mess with at first glance.

The scarred man went closer and placed a hand on the tree trunk. As soon as he got close, Ji Naitang could smell the scent of cigarettes.

“Little handsome guy, how boring is it by yourself? It’s more fun with two people. There’s a bar over there. Why don’t we get a drink?”

Ji Naitang’s expression didn’t change. He answered with a question, “Do you have cigarettes?”

The scarred man froze. He fished out a pack of cigarettes and handed one to Ji Naitang. Ji Naitang placed it in his mouth and the man took out a lighter to light it for him.

At this time, Cen Muqi’s Assistant Liu was coincidentally carrying a bottle of red wine back. The wine that CEO Cen wanted wasn’t prepared tonight, so he had search all over to get this bottle from a nearby bar.

But he stopped when he neared the hotel’s door. He squinted to see two people under a nearby tree. If he wasn’t wrong, the person leaning on the tree and smoking a cigarette was Ji Naitang!


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