Plan to Trap the Golden Thigh Chapter 26 Did You Have a Nightmare?

Ji Naitang’s hands were on Cen Muqi’s shoulders. Heavy gasps and moans mixed together and echoed in the large room.

Cen Muqi told him to take the initiative. So, he took the initiative when they were doing it on the sofa. He took the initiative when they were doing in the bathroom. But when they finally went to do it for the third time on the bed, Ji Naitang had no more strength. He dazedly remembered that Cen Muqi seemed to have carried him into the bathroom to wash him.

Ji Naitang couldn’t even open his eyes anymore and he fell asleep. He seemed to hear someone calling him in his sleep: “TangTang. Wake up, younger brother.”

“I’m so tired……” Ji Naitang muttered. He slowly opened his eyes. A tender face about seven or eight years old that wasn’t particularly beautiful but was handsome appeared.

“Older brother?” This was seven-year-old Ji Moyu. Due to malnutrition, he was smaller than normal children of the same age. He was actually the same height as the five-year-old Ji Naitang.

“You can’t sleep here. You’ll catch a cold.”

Ji Naitang then noticed that he was sleeping in the garden. Ji Moyu reached out to hold his hand. He led him to the door, while saying, “If you’re sleepy, then go sleep in the room. If you catch a cold, you’ll have to take medicine. The medicine is very, very bitter.”

Ji Naitang looked down at their hands. He noticed that there were a few wounds on Ji Moyu’s wrist. He asked in surprise, “Brother, how did your hand get hurt?”

Ji Moyu stiffened and replied, “I accidentally hurt it. It’s nothing.”

“It’s bleeding!” Ji Naitang stopped and discovered that Ji Moyu’s wounds were bleeding more and more. Drops of blood fell to the ground. When he looked up again, the surroundings had changed. It was no longer a garden with birds and flowers, but a dark and wet basement.

Screams sounded from all sides. Ji Naitang trembled and slid down against the wall. He covered his ears in pain, but he couldn’t block out those miserable screams.

“No, no. Brother……”

“Ji Naitang? What’s wrong with you, Ji Naitang?” Cen Muqi leaned over and softly called him. Ji Naitang instantly woke up. His eyes were red. He looked painful and fragile.

“Did you have a nightmare?” Cen Muqi looked worried. Ji Naitang reached out and hugged him. Cen Muqi then noticed that Ji Naitang was trembling all over. “Don’t be scared. It’s just a dream. It’s okay.”

Cen Muqi gently patted his shoulder. Ji Naitang trembled and his voice sounded choked. “My brother…… I caused his death……”

Cen Muqi froze. Ji Naitang cried, on the verge of collapse. “I caused his death. I caused his death.”

“No. Your brother was killed by the kidnapper. It’s not you.” Although Cen Muqi wasn’t clear on Ji Moyu’s matter, he had still heard about the kidnapping case twelve years ago that shocked the city. Everyone was so shocked not because of the kidnapping, but because of the dismembered body.

Ji Moyu’s body was pieced together afterwards. Cen Muqi looked down carefully and discovered that Ji Naitang had fallen asleep again. But he still had tears in the corners of his eyes. His forehead was also deeply frowning. It wasn’t only Ji Moyu who was kidnapped twelve years ago. Ji Naitang was also kidnapped, but no one knew what Ji Naitang had experienced.

The room quieted again. Cen Muqi slowly lied back down. He had not paid much attention to the kidnapping case before. That vicious kidnapper had not been caught. He was still at large.

Should he look into it?

[A warning: This novel can get quite dark and possibly disturbing at times. Please note the tags on NU.] 


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