BONUS CH: Plan to Trap the Golden Thigh Chapter 57 Naitang is a Little Sweetie

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Cen Muqi was startled for a moment by Ji Naitang’s serious expression. Then he smiled and picked up the medical report. “You look so serious. People who don’t know will think that you’re handing in your resignation.”

Ji Naitang thought that he wasn’t this serious when he handed in his resignation to Yao Yuanjing. He had just directly thrown it over!

“Although your stomach problem isn’t serious, you can’t skip meals like you did before.”

“I just skipped meals two times.” Ji Naitang looked very aggrieved standing there.

Cen Muqi looked up at him. Then he unlocked his phone and handed it to him. “Since you want to see it so badly, take it.”

Ji Naitang took the phone and opened WeChat. When he saw his nickname, his face slowly turned red. Cen Muqi looked calmly at him. “Are you satisfied? If you’re not satisfied, I allow you to change it yourself.”

“I’m satisfied.”

Ji Naitang handed the phone back. He wanted to run around a few laps downstairs to express his inner excitement. He had been worried whether Cen Muqi’s nickname for him would just be “Ji Naitang.” He had been even more worried after he heard what Zhuo Xiaozhuo said.

But he didn’t expect that it was completely different from what he had thought. His WeChat nickname for himself was [Is Naitang Sweet?]. And Cen Muqi’s nickname for him was [Naitang is a Little Sweetie].

Ji Naitang not only thought that the nickname was sweet. He thought that he felt so sweet that he was about to swell up. Zhuo Xiaozhuo had said that a backer wouldn’t specifically give their mistresses a nickname. So, what was going on with Cen Muqi’s nickname for him then?

Cen Muqi took his phone back and asked, “So, Sweetie Ji, what’s the nickname you gave me?”

“It’s…… ‘CEO Cen.’”

“Doesn’t your conscience hurt?!”

Ji Naitang pursed his lips. The heavens knew how much he wanted to change Cen Muqi’s nickname, but he had to always remember his own identity. He couldn’t express his feelings so obviously. He was afraid that Cen Muqi would drive him away.

Cen Muqi pointed to the sofa next to the floor-to-ceiling windows and said, “Go sit there and think about what nickname you want to give me. There are still two hours until work ends. Come up with one before then. I’m going to check later. If I’m not satisfied, I’ll punish you.”

Ji Naitang walked obediently over and sat down on the sofa. He opened his WeChat and looked at “CEO Cen.” He started to seriously think. What should he change it to?

He stared for a while. Then he noticed that Cen Muqi had changed his profile picture today. His previous one was all black. Now, the profile picture was a toddling little chick.

A little chick. Did it mean what he thought it meant? Ji Naitang smiled. He looked up and asked, “CEO Cen, can I change my profile picture into an old hen?”

The seriously working CEO Cen smiled out of anger. “I allow you to change your profile picture into a good-looking hen.”

Ji Naitang hummed a song because he was in a good mood. A nickname suddenly emerged in his mind. “The CEO Cen Whom I’ve Slept With Before, But Will Never Sleep With Enough.”

Ah, that Zhuo Xiaozhuo was indeed poisonous.

Cen Muqi was working seriously at first. But after a while, he saw Ji Naitang sitting quietly on the sofa and thinking hard about something. He was suddenly curious what Ji Naitang was thinking about.

He picked up his phone and opened WeChat. Ji Naitang had really changed his profile picture. He had replaced it with a colorful old hen.

Cen Muqi: “…….” This guy was deliberately trying to piss him off, right?!

[Cen Muqi is the “hen” and Ji Naitang is the little chick, so Cen Muqi is supposed to be Ji Naitang’s “daddy.” But since Cen Muqi’s profile picture is a “chick,” Ji Naitang changed his profile picture to an “old hen,” making Ji Naitang the “daddy” instead. 😀 At least, this is my interpretation.]


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