Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 95 Part 6

“What are you doing?” Thirteen looked at Mo ZiTing. This woman seemed strange. She better not be a bad influence on Xiao Yumao.

Hua YuMan was amused by Mo ZiTing. “Is this what your police officers do? It’s much more interesting than all this kneeling.”

“Yes. Let’s go eat something before we go to war.” Mo ZiTing blinked at Hua YuMan and made Thirteen’s eyelids twitch.

“Okay.” Hua YuMan nodded. Thirteen was worried again. He wanted an excuse to keep Xiao Yumao here, so he quickly said, “Jueming will be here soon. After you finish eating, let him examine you. You can’t just ignore your dizziness.”

Under Thirteen’s attentive gaze, Hua YuMan could only try hard to eat something. Jueming came on time. He glanced at Mo ZiTing before carefully examining Hua YuMan.

A moment later, Jueming stood up and said solemnly, “You exercise too little ordinarily, so your body is a bit weak. You normally do some frivolous things, so your growth is too slow. You should go for a run every day, eat on time, and take a walk after dinner.”

Mo ZiTing was gloomy and rolled her eyes at Jueming. These words were clearly what she had said when Jueming had laughed at her boyish figure. She had said these words to show off her modern medical skills.

Thirteen frowned. He lifted his leg and kicked Jueming. What was he saying? Was Xiao Yumao’s growth something that he could talk about? What were “frivolous things?” Was Jueming stupid or was he tired of living?

Jueming then realized what he had said. His face was black as he quickly said, “I’m sorry, Master. The words I just said were Mo guniang – ”

Thirteen was even angrier. He kicked him once again. “Why did I call you here to do?”

He wanted him to check on Xiao Yumao, but Jueming was talking about Mo ZiTing? Just scram out of here!

Mo ZiTing stuck out her tongue as she took joy in his misfortune. Kick him. Kick him. Kick that block of wood to death.

Jueming glared at Mo ZiTing. He didn’t dare to touch his sore leg. “Hua Xiaojie is fine. She had an irregular diet some time before and hurt her stomach. She should nourish her body and eat on time.”

Thirteen nodded and said, “Mo guniang, send Jueming off. If he’s hurt from my kick, help him put on some ointment.”

Jueming immediately and suspiciously had red eyes. Sure enough, nothing could be hidden from Master.

“Why should I help him? I don’t want to. I’m not his maidservant.” Mo ZiTing refused to be alone with the block of wood.

Hua YuMan blinked. She seemed to understand the relationship between Mo ZiTing and Jueming, but she was on TingTing’s side. Thus, she said, “TingTing is a veterinarian. It’s not appropriate for her to treat a person. It’s better to call an imperial physician from the Palace!”

“It’s fine. He’s not too different from an animal. It will be a waste if we invite an imperial physician here. Don’t you have to go to Fanghua Palace Hall, Xiao Yumao? I’ll take you there.” Thirteen glared at Jueming. Then he half hugged and half pulled Hua YuMan and left.

Mo ZiTing wanted to follow along, but her hand was pulled by Jueming. “I’ve said it a lot of times already. I didn’t do it on purpose that time. How many times do you want me to say it before you believe it?”

“I believe it. Don’t show up in front of me anymore.”

“Only if you don’t show up next to Hua Xiaojie.”

“Why don’t you go die, you darned block of wood? I’m going to ask your Master to send you to the brothel.” Mo ZiTing gnashed her teeth.

“My Master won’t listen to you.” A smile flashed across Jueming’s wooden face.

But he soon couldn’t smile anymore. Mo ZiTing said mysteriously, “But your Master listens to Man’er.”

Jueming indeed panicked, but he soon calmed down. “Don’t do that. If you do that, my Master won’t allow you to stay next to Hua Xiaojie. You think about it.” Then he turned away and left without looking back.

Mo ZiTing was depressed for a moment. Just as she was getting ready to leave, she suddenly heard Hua YuMan’s familiar voice from next door. Because she was doubtful, she stood still and listened.

“That Mo ZiTing is really annoying. She follows me like a Pekingese. Don’t think that I don’t know what she wants to be Wangzifei. Yintao, I have a drug here. Put it in her tea……”

Mo ZiTing couldn’t help but be scared. How could Man’er say that about her?

But this voice……

She trembled as she walked over. She didn’t believe that Man’er would do that to her. She only walked a few steps before she felt a figure flash by. Then she smelled a pungent scent before she suddenly fainted.

“Master, she’s unconscious.” A strange voice sounded from the dark.

“En. Call Shuimei over to take her soul. Then reward her to two men and blame it all on Hua YuMan.”


[End of the chapter.]


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