Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 92 Part 2

“Don’t tell me that you’re a fraud and can’t divine it.” Thirteen blinked at her. He wasn’t mocking her, but there was a hint of teasing in his eyes.

Hua YuMan knew that he was doing it on purpose, but was still very angry. She turned around and pointed to fallen begonias on the ground. “It’s not the fifteenth today, but you can pick up a begonia petal. Everyone can ask one question. Of course, there is a fee. 100 silvers per person.”

“Okay.” Thirteen was the first to agree. The others naturally felt that 100 silvers was very cheap. Normally, even 10,000 silvers could not get a divination session. Not to mention, this Huayu disappeared for four to five months at a time. This was a valuable opportunity.

Thirteen was the first one to pick up a flower petal, so he naturally asked his question first. But his question was just like his previous one. “When can Benwangzi marry the woman he likes?”

Hua YuMan rolled her eyes. “Thiteenth Wangzi, you have wasted your 100 silvers. You’re already decreed to marry. When she reaches marriageable age, the marriage will happen. Next.”

Although she was choked, Thirteen was still very happy. These words spoken by her held extraordinary significance. They proved that Xiao Yumao recognized their marriage. He was extremely happy. There was even a smile on his ice-cold face.

Li Ji looked at Thirteen and gently patted him. “You’ll get what you want in two years. Brother will be the first to congratulate you!”

Thirteen nodded. “Thank you. Thank you, brother!”

Hua YuMan stroked her forehead. She was really speechless. This Thirteen was really……

“Huayua guniang, this is my flower petal.” Li Ji handed the petal over. A pair of inquiring and curious eyes stared steadily at Huayu.

Everyone wanted to lift the veil of such a mysterious woman!

Huayu did not move her hands to take Li Ji’s petal. The petal moved automatically without any wind. It landed in front of Huayu. “Please ask, First Wangzi!”

Li Ji was silent for a moment. “Things have not gone smoothly in my fu lately. My cefei had a miscarriage. I want to know whether it is done by people or the heavens.”

Hua YuMan frowned. So Leng YouYu had a miscarriage.

“First Wangzi should ask a question pertaining to yourself. Your question should be asked by your cefei personally. Apologies!”

Li Ji then remembered that he had committed a taboo. He quickly asked another question. “Benwangzi has bad luck recently. Is there something to change luck?”

Hua YuMan couldn’t wait for him to keep on being unlucky. But she still very dutifully said, “Purple items.”

“What item specifically?” Li Ji took a step closer to her and asked.

“Apologies. I cannot divine a specific object. First Wangzi should look around.” Hua YuMan didn’t like Li Ji getting too close to her or his smell. So, she took two steps to the left and picked up Fifteenth Wangzi’s flower petal.

Thirteen’s observation was very meticulous. Li Ji had made Xiao Yumao uncomfortable again. He glanced over at Li Ji.

He had always known about Xiao Yumao disliking Li Ji, but this time, he felt it even more. Even if Xiao Yumao conquered her fear of Li Ji, she still disliked Li Ji to the extreme. What did Li Ji do to Xiao Yumao to make her dislike him so much?

“What does Fifteenth Wangzi want to ask?” Huayu taking the initiative to ask him made Fifteenth Wangzi feel that he was graced with favor. It must be known that she didn’t touch First Wangzi’s petal. But now, she was holding his petal.

“I, I want……” First Wangzi stuttered for a long time and still did not finish his sentence.

Hua YuMan looked at him and gently sighed. “The person in your heart is not your ideal match. Your dedication to her is also not true love. Let it go. Otherwise your life will be very miserable.”

Fifteenth Wangzi was suddenly startled. He didn’t ask, but Huayu guniang actually knew what he was thinking in his heart.

Qianya, Qianya. No, Xia Yingge was First Wangzi’s consort. She was indeed not his ideal match. He had been persistent before, but he had an epiphany after Huayu’s words now.

Yes, if he did not let go, wouldn’t he be courting death? First Wangzi looked warm and tolerant, but was actually cold-blooded and cruel. How could he tolerate someone coveting his consort, even if it was his own brother? So, this time Fifteenth Wangzi sincerely thanked Huayu.

 “Thank you, Huayu guniang. Fifteen understands.”


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