Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 9 We Really Have an Affinity, Part 2

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They saw Hua YuMan indifferently looked at Thirteen, resentful of the nickname “Xiao Yumao,” “Don’t change my name. This is just a coincidence.”

“Coincidence is still an affinity. Are you returning to Licheng now? We’re going the same way!” Thirteen glanced at the sky and knew it would rain until nighttime. Having this silly little girl accompanying him was good. The journey would not be boring.

Hua YuMan blinked her eyes, depressed. This road was the only way to Licheng. If she wasn’t going to Licheng, then where was she going?

“Is there any food? I’m hungry,” Thirteen glanced at her carriage and seemed to smell roast chicken.

Hua YuMan looked at the shed and then the sky. She helplessly said to Yintao, “Bring out all the foods we bought from Lucheng!”


Yintao braved the rain and hurriedly rushed into the carriage. She quickly retrieved two big bags and generously gave one to Thirteen.

He handed the bag to his subordinates. Then he moved close to Hua YuMan and impolitely said, “Let’s eat together!”

Hua YuMan was going to refuse, but saw that the bag of food was shared and almost all gobbled up by his subordinates. She swallowed the refusal and agreed to Thirteen’s unreasonable request.

She didn’t have many people on her side. Aside from hers and Thirteen’s portions, she gave the rest to Yintao, Xugen and the carriage driver. Everyone ate quietly, waiting for the rain to stop.

The rain finally stopped in the evening. Hua YuMan decided to travel through the night to Licheng. Thirteen and his people slowed their pace down, escorting Hua YuMan’s carriage.

On his horse, Thirteen had been constantly watching the steady-paced carriage in front, a warm smile on his face. His subordinates who saw this looked as surprised as if they saw ghosts.

Did Master not hate women anymore? He actually smiled all night in front a woman.

If it was like this, then all the women in the world would go crazy!


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