Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 9 We Really Have an Affinity, Part 1

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“Xiaojie, I’ll go ask,” Yintao was more impatient than her. She immediately pulled the teenager Xugen aside and started asking questions.

Soon, Yintao ran back, smiling with an excited face. “Xiaojie, that server is called Xugen. His parents adopted him when he was five years old. He fell and hurt his head. He didn’t remember anything after he woke up. The adoptive parents didn’t hide that he was adopted. Xiaojie…let’s take him back to Licheng!”

Hua YuMan was distressed, “Is he willing to go back with us? What if he’s not?”

She came to Lucheng to actually confirm what the images what came to her mind were and whether they were real or not.

“Xiaojie, Xugen is working in the inn to save money to find his real parents. He would be very happy if you bring him back to Licheng,” Yintao’s brother straightforwardly inserted.

“Okay then! Let him return to Licheng with us tomorrow,” Hua YuMan nodded.

Lucheng was unlike Licheng; it was quiet very early at night. Hua YuMan was thinking, lying on the pillow.

She suspected that after her forehead obtained the golden flower pattern, she also obtained the power of foresight. But could it really be like this?

She passed the night muddleheaded like that. The next day, they returned to Licheng, buying some snacks along the way.

The weather changed midway through their journey. Heavy rain started pouring down. The carriage driver trekked on regardless, but eventually reluctantly stopped the carriage by a small roadside tea shed. After Hua YuMan disembarked the carriage, she found that the small tea shed was filled with people sheltering from the rain, including an acquaintance.

Thirteen looked at the silly little girl with rain-drenched hair. He hooked the corner of his mouth, “Xiao Yumao [Xiao: Little, the “Yu” from Hua YuMan’s name, and Mao: hair], we really have an affinity. We can meet no matter where we are.”

The people in the shed saw Thirteen smiling and his target was a female. Their eyes almost popped out and they all held their breaths to eavesdrop.


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