Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 86 Thirteen’s Callous Counterattack Part 10


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“Xiaojie, the people who went to select Phoenix Woods in the mountain have returned. They have picked out around twenty logs and are waiting for the order to chop them down. But Han Yun Shaoye just went to sleep after taking his medicine. I wouldn’t let them go in and they’re quarreling.” QingQing walked inside. She looked worried. She never knew that subordinates were so arrogant.

A touch of imperceptible coldness flashed across Hua YuMan’s face. “Come with me to take a look.”

Three middle-aged men angrily stood outside the big tent, saying unpleasant things.

“The government gave us a deadline of one month. Half the time has passed already. If we still don’t start chopping them down, we’ll lose our heads.”

“Yes. It will take several days just to leave the mountain. There is still the time to travel on the road. He says he’s injured, so he will be spared. But what about us? Aren’t we scapegoats……?”

“Who knows which deity he has offended? He might drag us all down……”

“Are you done talking? If you’re done, tell the people to start chopping the trees down!” Hua YuMan interrupted their unreasonableness.

Being timid and afraid of death were understandable. But these people were wrong to blame Han Yun gege for dragging them down without any sympathy. If their reputation weren’t tied to Han Yun gege, she wouldn’t have spoken to them so politely.

“Hua Xiaojie, although you are Hua Manor’s Xiaojie, you are not responsible for the Phoenix Woods. We need General Han to personally give the order……”

“There’s no need. Before General Han took his medicine, he had already told me what to do. I will go with the people who selected the Phoenix Woods. If I think that they are appropriate, you can chop them down. Do as I say.” Hua YuMan looked in the direction of the forest. It was just picking out Phoenix Woods. She could do it and she could certainly do it better than these people.

“You?” Someone laughed. “A noble xiaojie can do this? If you can do this, what would we do?”

Yintao saw that these people were disrespectful to her Xiaojie and immediately said angrily, “If you’re not as good as others and are afraid of responsibility, you can leave now.”

Hua YuMan shook her head at Yintao. “Don’t be impolite. I am following General Han’s orders to take a look. Me agreeing is the same as him agreeing. He will bear the responsibility. You have nothing to worry about. Let’s go. When it gets dark, it will be harder to do things.”

The people saw that Hua YuMan had already said so much and no longer insisted. Anyway, as Hua Xiaojie said, she was just taking a look for General Han. What could a twelve-year-old see anyway?

Jueming, who had been standing at the side, thought a bit and followed them up the mountain.

There was almost no road up the mountain. If the people who were searching for Phoenix Wood did not make marks and opened up a simple trail, walking up there would be more laborious.

They originally thought that a spoiled and pampered xiaojie from the General’s Manor would certainly be tired before walking halfway there. But they were wrong. Hua YuMan’s footsteps were very light. She didn’t pant or was tired. Her face was light and easy and more relaxed than the men.

Yintao practiced martial arts since she was young, so this road was nothing to her. QingQing had been wandering outside, so walking was very easy for her too. The Jueming who knew medicine and martial arts did not need to be mentioned. The four of them walked in front and stopped at the first place with the Phoenix Woods.

It was a thousand-year-old Phoenix Wood that needed five people to carry down. The branches were really thick and took up a lot of space. The thick branches actually blocked snow away from this small area. It was really a pity to chop it down, but this was the Emperor’s will. Even if it was a pity, they could only chop it down.

More than one hundred people followed behind them to chop trees. But their speed was too slow and their destructive power was shocking. Clearly, one chop could do it, but they sliced here and cut there. A perfectly good tree was filled with gashes. Hua YuMan directly suspected that these people were here to make trouble.

Not only Hua YuMan found out, but Jueming directly frowned. It seemed that Han Yun had fallen into someone’s trap. If the Phoenix Woods were chopped like this, even if they transported them back to Licheng, it would probably be very difficult for them to be accepted. He looked at Hua Xiaojie. It seemed that she also discovered it!

[End of the chapter]


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