Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 8 Part 2 One Bamboo Stick

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She shook her head, puzzled. The image in her mind disappeared. Glancing again at the woman who was holding the bamboo stick, she saw she had already fainted.

 “Yintao, have you heard of Fulu Inn?” Hua YuMan looked at the crowd taking the woman away and she couldn’t bear it.

Yintao nodded. “I know. My brother works at Fulu Inn. But it is in Lucheng, the neighboring city. What’s the matter, Xiaojie?”

Hua YuMan slowly pondered and said, “You haven’t seen your brother in awhile. I haven’t been outside the city in many years too. Tomorrow, I will take you to Lucheng to play and then see your brother.”

“Really?” Yintao exclaimed excitedly. “Thank you, Xiajoie!”

Early the next day, Hua YuMan and Yintao descended the mountain to Lucheng. Because Yintao was not weak and knew martial arts, General Hua and Hua Furen weren’t worried for their daughter’s safety.

 It was dark when they arrived in Fulu Inn. Since Yintao’s brother was the guard for the inn, Hua YuMan was directly allocated a room. She chose to go downstairs for dinner, just in time to see the new server, Xugen.

Yintao saw her Xiaojie constantly staring at a server. Puzzled, she asked, “Xiaojie, is there something wrong with that server? Why do you keep looking at him?”

Hua YuMan blinked confusedly, “Yintao, do you think that server looks very similar to the woman who received the “bad” bamboo stick and was crying at Tian Ta Temple the other day?”

Yintao carefully looked for a long time. She didn’t think so originally, but after listening to Xiaojie’s words, they really did look more and more similar. But were there really such coincidences?!


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