Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 70 Unexpected Part 1/2

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“En.” Since he was not anxious, Hua YuMan naturally would not be anxious either. She followed Li Yang back to the treehouse.

QingQing had woken up and her eyes didn’t hurt anymore. She was not at all surprised when she heard from her Xiaojie that the underwater Ancient City was shifting. “Xiaojie, that is one kind of underwater sea monster. They have hard shells and look like giant sea turtles. A small part of a building is on their backs to mislead people. Actually, there are more than one sea turtle. They are scattered in eight different directions. The center part in the depths is the real Ancient City of Fengyue.”

“So it’s like this. These sea beasts are really clever, almost about to become demons,” Hua YuMan said ruefully. She understood now that even if she was reborn, there was no way to change the world. Things that should happen would happen. The heavens might have simply given her an opportunity to regain control of her life. Her future depended on herself.

“Xiaojie, do we go fishing at night?” QingQing saw her Xiaojie sunk into silence again and changed the topic.

Hua YuMan shook her head. “The line broke and cannot be repaired so fast. Let’s have a good rest tonight. The water level may be shallower tomorrow and it will become livelier. You won’t be able to sleep well even if you want to.”

“Xiaojie, the small box Thirteenth Wangzi sent over is in the treehouse. Do you want to take a look?” Yintao brought a delicate, little box over.

Hua YuMan discovered six exquisite, thick bags inside the box. A fist-size Yeming Pearl is in each bag. She handed on to Yintao and one to QingQing. “This is for you. Take good care of it. Think of it as your dowry.”


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