Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 7 He Suffered a Loss

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After breakfast, Hua Furen told Hua YuMan, “Something big happened in the Imperial Palace. The Empress was attacked by an assassin. Now, the First Wangzi, Seventh Wangzi, and Tenth Princess are here at Tian Ta Temple to pray for blessings for the Empress. They will return to the Palace in a bit. Man’er, we’ll return afterwards to pray.”

Hua YuMan nodded after listening. Those Wangzis going back was a good thing.

She was so happy she put down her worries that she twirled around in a circle. Her mood was very good as she watched the flying flower petals outside. She really had to gift Thirteenth Wangzi with flower blossom ball.

As she thought this, the flower petals around quickly gathered together and formed a ball made of flower petals. Not only Hua YuMan was stunned silly, even the Hua Furen nearby was scared silly.

“Man’er, did you see that? How did the petals become a ball?”

“Ah?” Hua YuMan was puzzled. The petals immediately scattered, dancing in the wind. There was no ball. “You saw wrong.”

Hua Furen blinked and thought she must have seen incorrectly. “Man’er, I will get someone to call you later. I’ll go see your father.”

“En, en. Mother, you go!”

Thinking of the scene just now, Hua YuMan blinked again. It was obviously a ball of flowers earlier right? Really want to see it again.

As she thought this, the flower petals on the ground once again quickly gathered together. A ball of flowers was formed in the blink of an eye. It was growing and growing until it was half a meter tall, scaring her into shaking her head.

“Be good, be obedient. Stop growing anymore. You better scatter!”

At these words, the ball really scattered. Like raining flower petals, it was very beautiful.

She suddenly realized that the petals seemed to listen to her commands. This shocked her tremendously and tried again several times, confirming her theory.

Soon, she had a more surprising discovery. She could control anything within the scope of her eyes. But this control strictly let her move objects to designated places. Only the flower petals let her manipulate as she wished and changed. She even used flower petals to cut through the rope holding the bell above Tian Ta Temple, which made her very excited.

This mysterious force made her frightened and happy. She quickly ran out to give a column of incense to the Buddha here. Because she ran too fast, she forgot her mother’s words, and entered Tian Ta Temple’s main hall. She ran into someone and her nose started bleeding.

“Do you have to be this reckless?” Thirteen’s lectured her with a cold face. Finally, he led her away, stopping her nose’s bleeding.

“You’re really the reincarnation of a pestilent jinx! Nothing good happens when I meet you.” These two days since meeting him, every time she saw blood.

“You still have excuses?”

“You’re still not leaving?”

The two stubbornly glared at each other. Finally, Thirteen smiled, “It would look nice if a flower grows on your nose this time too.”

“You…your nose grows flowers. I want your butt to grow flowers!”

“Haha, this girl, you don’t really want to see Benwangzi’s [How princes refer to themselves] butt right?”


Furious and unable to communicate, Hua YuMan turned her head to ignore him.

“Okay, okay. I will take responsibility for your nose. What kind of apology gift do you want?”

This girl was anxious and didn’t have a small temper. He really suffered a loss.


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