Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 69 Unpleasant Public Display of Affection Part 2/2

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“Don’t be afraid!” Thirteen tightly clutched Xiao Yumao’s waist. He held his breath. If something went wrong, he would immediately take her away.

Fortunately, the unrest underwater soon subsided. When everyone looked at the sea again, they discovered there was a long crack in the left side of the cliff. This gap was so large that it looked like a natural canyon. The seawater splashed over it and flowed somewhere unknown.

Two hours later, people who went to explore came back to say that the seawater was miraculously flowing in three streams. One flowed towards Hailan Kingdom’s Lan Sea. One flowed towards Li Country’s Li Sea. One flowed around Fengyue Nation’s little town and returned to the Ancient City of Fengyue’s sea.

Someone soon found the gold and silver that emerged from the two sides of the canyon. Therefore, more and more people went towards it. For a time, the main cliff was deserted.

“Li Yang, do you feel that the Ancient City ruins is moving?” Hua YuMan rubbed her eyes. She thought she saw wrong.

She felt that the Ancient City with a corner showing was constantly moving. Although it was slight, she felt that it shifted over to the left side and moved up a little. These movements didn’t seem to have been caused by the water level dropping.

Li Yang was slightly startled. He looked intently for a while. Soon, he nodded in agreement. “It’s not quite right. Let’s go back!”

He was not here for the treasure trove. He naturally wouldn’t bother with finding out what the cause was, because someone would certainly discover it and take action.


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