Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 67 Explosion Part 2/2

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Mi XueHen laughed. “Okay.”

Since her Xiaojie did not like the big gold object, QingQing stared carefully at the sea for a long time before speaking. The third round of fishing for treasures began.

This time they successfully fished up a small iron box. Inside was a luminous Jiulong Cup. Under the dim light, they could see the flying dragons on the cups. Each of the nine dragons was in different poses. The craftsmanship was magical.

Hua YuMan remembered that Li Yang once sent her a tea set that emitted sounds, so she gave him the Jiulong Cup. Li Yang smiled and touched her head. This yatou knew how to reciprocate gifts. He wondered if she would do that with everything. His heart started planning something.

“Xiaojie, there are lots of boxes in the water, but a lot of them are in dangerous positions. A pile of boxes are pressed under…” QingQing whispered into Hua YuMan’s ear.

Although her voice was soft, Li Yang and Mi XueHen, who knew martial arts, still heard her clearly. They couldn’t help but exclaim in their hearts. So this little maidservant QingQing could see the situation underwater?

“En. Then let’s think of a way to move a few.” Dawn was approaching. Hua YuMan decided to move one box and mark the end of tonight’s treasure-fishing activity.

“Okay.” QingQing began to direct Hua YuMan in shifting boxes. They hadn’t even moved two boxes yet, but the wire hook may have caught onto something. They heard a loud bang, followed by a roaring sound. The water splashed and the fishing rod in Li Yang’s hand had long snapped the wire off.

“Xiaojie, something exploded underwater. My eyes hurt.” QingQing sat on the ground, rubbing her eyes that couldn’t open.


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