Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 66 Rewards Part 2/2

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Hua YuMan scattered all the flower petals onto the iron wire. The petals seemed to have put a garment made of petals onto the iron wire and it turned into wire of petals. She threw the entire line into the sea. The line of petals moved like a lively fish.

“Xiaojie, down a little, then left. No, passed it. A little to the right… lower it. Go around… Good. Pull…” QingQing excitedly helped her Xiaojie reel. An iron box appeared in front of them fifteen minutes later.

Mi XueHen looked incredulously at the iron box. He deftly wrenched off the lock. The whole box was filled with high-quality Yeming Pearls. They were all about the size of a fist. He counted and there were twelve in total. This box was a really big windfall!

Not only Mi XueHen, but Li Yang was also very surprised. His iron box only contained one Yeming Pearl and one illuminating stone last time. The pearl was the one above their heads and the illuminating stone was crushed by him into pieces. It became the stars above them and better illuminated the light.

Hua YuMan was also very surprised, but she quickly allocated the six Yeming Pearls in her mind. Brother and HanYun gege each get one. Her parents get one. QingQing and Yintao get one. And the last one was for Mo ZiTing.

“Xiaojie, do we continue?” QingQing had no feelings towards the Yeming Pearl. Perhaps, since she found her Xiaojie, she was satisfied with everything in life.

“En, let’s continue.” She was very curious what else she would fish up.

“Do you need help?” Mi XueHen came forwards. He wanted to see in detail how they caught something.

“You can reel the line in after a while. Wait by the side for now,” Hua YuMan ordered. Reeling was a physical activity. Just now, it almost used up all of her strength.


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