Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 66 Rewards Part 1/2

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Seeing her cheeks turn crimson, Li Yang no longer teased her. He chuckled and blew a strange-looking whistle.

Hua YuMan didn’t know what it was, but knew it was some sort of signal. A short period of time after the whistle sounded, QingQing was brought over. Mi XueHen also came along. He automatically retreated after bringing QingQing over. He wanted to see how the boastful little thing can fish up a treasure box and split it with Thirteen.

“Xiaojie, let me help you.” QingQing helped Hua YuMan hold the fishing rod. She peered into the depths of the sea. After a while, she was taken aback. She stared at her Xiaojie in shock.

Hua YuMan knew what she wanted to say, so she nodded. “We will split half of the treasures we fish up.” Then she turned and said to Li Yang and Mi XueHen, “The Fengsu Chicken was very delicious. Bring two over for snacks!”

Li Yang patted Mi XueHen in amusement. “Go!”

Mi XueHen looked depressed at Hua YuMan. Then his figure flashed and left.

After the fishing rod was lowered, QingQing feebly shook it. “Xiaojie, it will be nice if the hook can turn left.”

Hua YuMan thought about it and reeled back all the fishing line. She took out all the flower petals on her person and wrapped them around the fishing line, but it wasn’t enough. She appeared to Li Yang, “Are there any petals here? I need a lot of them.”

Although Li Yang didn’t know what she wanted to do, he still nodded and blew the whistle again. When Mi XueHen showed up again, he not only had two Fengsu Chickens in his hand, but a large bag of flower petals.


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