Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 65 I’ll Split the Treasures in Half With You Part 2/2

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“Is that how it is?” Hua YuMan didn’t know this. She thought everyone was here for the treasures.

Because of his words, she finally understood why Li Country’s emperor agreed to all the wangzis coming to the Ancient City of Fengyue and granted everyone one month’s vacation after the Empress’ funeral.

“Yes, but this is a secret that cannot be spoken out loud.” This wasn’t what Li Yang intended. He brought Xiao Yumao here purely to play. He wanted to tell her that he was serious about her. He wanted to let her know all the secrets that he didn’t care about. Also, he wanted to know how she sees him.

“Will the light be better here in the daytime?” Hua YuMan had an idea in mind and asked out loud.

“Of course it will be better. But because the water is also clearer, a lot of people will be underwater. People will die and the water will turn red. Therefore, the line of sight is not good. What? Did you figure out a good way to fish treasures?” Thirteen teased her, his finger gently flicking her chin.

Hua YuMan knew he did it on purpose. She didn’t think about it and grabbed his finger and bit it. She didn’t know that her actions made Li Yang feel as if his heart was lightly punched. It tickled and pained. An inexplicable feeling flowed in his heart. His heart moved. He grabbed her hand and looked at her hateful little red mouth, but he didn’t do anything.

“Can I bring QingQing here? Her eyesight is very good. I’ll split the treasures I find in half with you.” Hua YuMan took her hand back. She gently nudged the absent-minded Li Yang.

“En. But I don’t want the treasures. How about you give me a kiss?” He laughed harmlessly. Hua YuMan stared at him. “No, I’ll split the treasures in half with you.”


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