Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 65 I’ll Split the Treasures in Half With You Part 1/2

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Li Yang lightly laughed in her ear. “You should get used to it, starting now. Don’t worry. I won’t touch you before you reach marriageable age.”

“I’m not used to it.” She flattened her lips. Let’s talk about the future in the future. Who knew if things would change?

“It seems like I should do these actions more so you can get used to them,” he said solemnly. He even nodded at the end, thinking they should practice more.

Hua YuMan no longer paid him any attention. She focused on the fishing rod in her hands. Li Yang also focused his strength and concentration on the fishing rod. An hour quietly passed. When Li Yang felt the fishing line hit a heavy object, he started slowly reeling the line in.

As he was reeling, Hua YuMan was very serious and hiding her excitement. Fifteen minutes later, Li Yang reeled in a sealed iron box, but he did not immediately open it. He frowned and threw the box aside. The box blew up into pieces.

“What is going on?” Hua YuMan was very shocked. This scene was clearly not within her expectations.

“Since it is a treasury, there will naturally be real and fake treasures. Most emperors are suspicious. Half of the iron boxes were made with gunpowder or contained concealed weapons to prevent theft.”

“It had been so long, but the gunpowder is still so powerful. It seems that Fengyue Nation was very powerful back then.” Hua YuMan incessantly sighed. No wonder that even after a thousand years, the treasury here was still a mystery and attracted so many people.

“Of course, what the three empires’ emperors wanted wasn’t gold or silver. They wanted the military defense strategies and government policies that disappeared in the Ancient City of Fengyue. With these, they could rebuild the three empires and establish one mainland. This was the dream of every ancient emperor.”


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