Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 64 Secret Base Part 2/2

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“En. Do you want to try?” Li Yang touched her head. He pulled out a fishing rod made of special material from somewhere. He explained, “Rumors say that the Ancient City of Fengyue had a treasury. All the treasures were locked in iron boxes. Our location should be a corner of the treasury. If our luck is good, we can fish out treasures!”

“How much did you fish out?” She asked, while looking at the fishing rod. She found that the iron wire was as long as half a person’s height. The hook at the end wasn’t big but very heavy. She discovered that the hook was made of a magnet. It seemed that Thirteen put a lot of effort into this.

“Not much. About eight or nine boxes.” This depended on luck, in addition to internal strength. “Xiao Yumao, you hold the rod. I control the wire’s path. We’ll work together…”

“Okay!” Hua YuMan happily agreed. She also wanted to see what the legendary treasures of this underwater city looked like.

He handed the rod to Hua YuMan. Then Thirteen lowered the wire and hook, an inch at a time. Hua YuMan’s excitement rose. She had no idea what Li Yang did, but felt the iron wire floating in the water, similar to fish swimming around…

When the wire completely sunk, Hua YuMan’s excitement had dissipated a lot. Because she found out that other than holding the fishing rod, she had nothing else to do. And her hands were sore already.

“Tired?” Thirteen came over and sat down behind her. As he hugged her, he also held her hand, holding the fishing rod with her.

Hua YuMan’s body stiffened. She was a bit uncomfortable, as she wasn’t used to him being so close to her.

She tilted her head and said in a low voice, “Move over a little.”


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