Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 63 Awoken By Li Yang’s Movements Part 2/2

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“Xiaojie, dinner is brought here. Please eat!” Yintao’s voice sounded from the treehouse next to her. Hua YuMan stood up and went to the other treehouse.

Dinner was very abundant. In such a special environment, dinner was five dishes and one soup so Hua YuMan had Yintao and QingQing eat with her. Because she saw the previous disgusting scene, her appetite wasn’t very good. She ate only a little bit. Then she holed up in her treehouse listening to QingQing talk about the Ancient City of Fengyue.

QingQing had been wandering everywhere previously so she had heard a lot about the Ancient City of Fengyue. Most rumors claimed that countless treasures were buried here. Anyone who held a little bit of hope had come here to look around. QingQing had even seen the treasures underwater. However, she couldn’t do anything even if she did see them because she also saw sea monsters. And there were lots of them.

“People die for money, birds die for food. Maybe the sea monsters were the pets the people of the Ancient City raised. It seems like the future won’t be very peaceful.” Hua YuMan could imagine that as long as someone dived underwater, someone would die. But this would not curb anyone’s enthusiasm.

“That’s true. Xiaojie, when I went to get the food earlier, I heard the guards say that someone who dived underwater an hour ago died. He was a swimmer from Hailan Kingdom. They tied a rope to him. When they pulled the rope up, there was only a pair of legs. Everyone is guessing that there are sea creatures underwater.” Thirteenth Wangzi was afraid the news would scare Xiaojie, so he didn’t let her say it. But hearing how Xiaojie was rueful, she said it all out loud.

“En. A lot of people will die every day in the future. We will not participate. By the way, you two rest early. Thirteenth Wangzi wants me to go fishing with him…”

“Yes, Xiaojie.”

To conserve her strength to go out with Li Yang at night, Hua YuMan also slept for a while. At Zi shi, she was awoken by Li Yang’s movements.


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