Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 62 Dare to Have Designs on Xiao Yumao? Kill Without Mercy Part 2/2

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“Li Yang, will you dive underwater when we arrive at the Ancient City of Fengyue? Hua YuMan asked, while eating. She contentedly enjoyed Thirteen’s service. He was voluntarily doing this anyway.

“No. The wangzis brought a lot of people along. Why would we personally dive underwater? What? Are you worried about me?” Li Yang lightly smiled. “I will stay right by your side, without stepping away.”

“QingQing grew up around the Ancient City of Fengyue. She said there are sea monsters underwater that would eat people. You guys have to be careful.” Hua YuMan did not intend to say this, but she was eating the food that he personally prepared. She couldn’t help but say it.

“Don’t worry. I’m not determined to obtain treasures from the Ancient City. It’s just that all the wangzis have come. If I didn’t, I would seem pretentious. As for treasures, we’ll leave it up to fate. It’s good if we get it. If we don’t, we won’t insist on it.” He was enjoying their journey together more.

In Licheng, he was a wangzi and she was a general’s daughter. With so many rules and etiquette, he couldn’t get close to her. He snuck out during nighttime to see her, but that was really just to see her. But it wasn’t the same outside of Licheng…

The other more important reason was that after the Empress’ passing, the whole Li Country was living in fear. It would be quiet, at least, for a period of time on their way to the Ancient City of Fengyue.

“En.” As such, Hua YuMan did not have the slightest amount of pressure. The next few days passed by very peacefully. She chatted with Li Yang and laughed with Yintao. Then they arrived at the Ancient City of Fengyue.

The Ancient City of Fengyue’s terrain was even more strategically suited than Hua YuMan thought. It was not only near cliffs, but there was only a small clearing and a grove of trees for everyone to rest in. It was already very crowded.

They were considered the last people to arrive among the royal families. Others had already set up camp and chosen the best spots. Li Yang’s group had to settle in treetops. Yes, she didn’t know when Li Yang had people erect two treehouses on top of the two tallest trees. Hua YuMan was carried gently by Li Yang as he leapt upwards. Then she arrived at the treehouse on top of the giant tree.

The rest of the people were hidden in the surrounding trees. It sort of had the flavor of a “jungle meeting.”


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    Whatever happens Hua Yu Man and her crew should be safer than the rest of the campers.

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